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Editor-in-Chief, & Chief Creative Officer  |  Steven Branco

Senior Editor-at-Large  |  Shane Schick

Editorial Assistants  |  Merrill Flynn, Jeffrey Wein

Contributing Art Directors  |  Elisabeth Huynh, April Tran

Graphic Designers |  Hiroyuki Azuma, Esther Byun

Style/Fashion Editor  |  Bang Nguyen

Grooming Editor-at-Large  |  Kevin Truong

Watch Editor-at-Large  |  Rhonda Riche

Cars Editor  |   Tim Kocher

Sports Editor  |  Omar Hue

Entertainment Editor  |  Monica Gleberman

Interior Design Editor-at-Large  |  Shai DeLuca

Women Editor  | Duane Pinnock

Health & Sex Editor  |  Tina Loszewska

Food Editor  |  Chef Francis Chang

Contributing Food Editor-at-Large  |  Chef Mike Ward

Drinks/Mixology Editor-at-Large  |  Orlando Carreira

Gear Contributing Editors  |  Drew Williams, Lionel Thomas

Travel Contributing Editor & Writer  |  Barry Hoy

Online Editor  |  Marika Mendola

Associate Online Editor  |  Jeremy Beal, Kyle Preston

Executive Wardrobe Stylist  |  Alanna Dussiamme

Wardrobe Styling Assistant  |  Jeremy Hsu

Contributing Wardrobe Stylists  |  Michelle Lauren Amorim, Leeah Kim, Paul Langill

Contributing Groomers  |  Michelle Lauren Amorim, Danny Fortunato, Darren Jansen, Kevin Truong

Contributing Writers  |  Justin Valmores, Maximus, Kaden Nguyen, Jie Chen, Kristi Iannuzzi, Roosh V, Michelle Vidya, Victoria Milan, Billy Picard, Amanda Bomben, Leo Petaccia, Timothy Lindhagen-Vaage, Dre David, Arbi Seyranian, Michael Almonte, Rosalyn Solomon, Daniel Fortunato, Kyle Preston, Merrill Flynn, Carmelia Ray, Matt Pasquale, Merrill Flynn, Jeffrey Wein, Jeremy Hsu, The Style Guys (Jason Krell and Alykhan Velji), Shai Deluca, Rhonda Riche, Sophie Addison, Mili Jain

Contributing Photographers  |  Rai Allen, Steven Branco, Kyle Lai, Tony Lei, Chris Davis, Mark Yaamon, Michael Stuckless, José Manuel Cruz, David Spowart, Eric Williams, Dion Trinidad

Contributing Videographers  |  Greg Rola, Camile Andrade



Publisher  |  Steven Branco

Founder & CEO  |  Drew Williams

VP, Marketing  |  Jason Tryfon

VP, Business Development  |  Isaac Skariah

Director, Business Development  |  Binyam Zewdie

Associate, Marketing, PR & Social Media  |  Merrill Flynn


Advertising & Partnerships

Director, Business Development | Binyam Zewdie

Director, Events & Partnerships  |  Marco Dator

Sr. Account Manager  | Mike Urbanski

Account Managers  |  Jason Dacosta, Chris Watson

Account Executive  |  Ryan Knox



Chairman, Board of Directors | Drew Williams

Members, Board of Directors  |  Jason Tryfon, Isaac Skariah, Steven Branco

Legal Counsel  |  Gordon Capern, Palaire Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP, Glenn R. David, Barrister & Solicitor



SWAGGER® is always seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our rapidly expanding team. Are you a writer, designer, photographer, editor, director or just have a passion for sales and business development? Send us an email to with a copy of your resume and portfolio today!

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