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5 Men’s Health Gadgets that could Save Your Life


5 Men’s Health Gadgets that could Save Your Life

We are all busy hustling. Trying to make that next dollar. Our health sometimes takes a hard 2nd to making the almighty dollar, but if your Grand Papi taught you anything, it is to keep your health as #1.

Let’s be honest though, we sometimes get wrapped up in the day to day and just cant get ourselves out of the work momentum to even come up for air. So while our big pockets are being silver lined, your body is picking up the wear and tear that will undoubtedly lead to a slow burn in your life expectancy. Luckily, there are ways to combat this with today’s technology, and we at Swagger have taken the liberty of putting a few top contenders on the list that could make putting your health back on top.

1. Kardia Mobile: Smaller than a credit card, this device attaches to your smartphone and can take a clinical-grade EKG (heart rhythm reading) in 30 seconds, anywhere at anytime. Results can be immediately shared with a doctor for instant analysis and diagnosis. The device is FDA-cleared and detects AFib, a leading cause of stroke.

2. Omron Blood Pressure Wrist Monitors: Omron blood pressure monitors are recognized and certified as some of the most accurate available to consumers and are the #1 home blood pressure monitor recommended by doctors and pharmacists. The wrist monitors allow you to check your blood pressure anywhere, anytime and still get the precise readings you need.

3. Vida App: Vida pairs you 1:1 with your own health coach virtually. It’s like having your own personal trainer, nutritionist, nurse, mentor, therapist and accountability partner all-in-one, always by your side.

4. Withings Body Weight Scale: Beyond weight alone, this at-home scale also takes BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass, and water measurements.

5. SmartPlate: After you put your meal onto the SmartPlate, the app/device combo will accurately identify, analyze, and track your entire meal, giving you a level of accuracy and convenience that has never been possible before.

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