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Self-Care Expert Nnicka Gerken’s Fight Against Opioid Addiction In Jacksonville

The statistics in Nnicka’s city are fighting, about four times more people die from overdoses than from murder. “The opioid crisis kills two people in Jacksonville and 14 people statewide, I knew that something needed to be done to provide personalized alternative modalities of pain management throughout Northeast Florida,” stated Nnicka regarding the epidemic that affects many of her current clients. Recent studies have shown that alternative pain management solutions not only help reduce pain but also reduces a person’s reliance on opioids significantly. “Opioid addiction is real, but so is our client’s pain. There are no cookie cutter methods to individual self-care,” stated Nnicka in a recent interview for Buzz Magazine.

“With an increase in opioid addictions, overdoses, and ultimately deaths, alternative modalities are being explored to help reduce the need for medicine based pain management solutions,” stated Drayton Florence owner of Blue 32, a popular sports recovery facility located in Northeast Florida. “The modalities provided by Nnicka can help not only the professional athlete but also the everyday client interested in chronic pain and medication reduction.” The New York Academy of Sciences recently published that stress is a widely accepted risk factor for addiction. “Stress relief is vital for a healthy lifestyle. A single massage session can significantly your lower heart rate and insulin and cortisol levels, therefore improving your state of mind and your overall vitality,” stated Nnicka. Can massage therapy ultimately be the secret weapon for not only fighting the opioid epidemic but to also in helping people live healthier lives?

Nnicka’s client of 3 years Cheryl Jackson concludes that the treatment she received under Nnicka and her doctors care helped make a difference in saving her life. “I started utilizing Nnicka’s services when my primary doctor sent me to an oncologist which stated that my white blood cell count had dropped dangerously low. I immediately informed Nnicka, and she scheduled an appointment with me to start self-care treatment. After several sessions with Nnicka, I returned to my oncologist to run test on my blood count levels. My doctor was amazed at how my white blood cells jumped from 900 all the way back to 3000. We both rejoiced and praised God in his office, and he advised me to continue seeing Nnicka for my self-care treatments.

Nnicka suggests consulting with a self-care expert if you are focused on lowering your blood pressure, decreasing stress, increasing blood circulation, and improving your posture among many other benefits. “A massage offers benefits regardless of age and can help if you are stressed, ill, or injured. It also helps manage chronic and acute pain and dangerous conditions such as high blood pressure and poor circulation. The mental and emotional benefits of deep relaxation are more examples of the healing power of massage therapy,” stated Nnicka. With studies making the correlation between increased stress and opioid dependency, it’s no wonder why Nnicka has dedicated her life to helping clients increase relaxation and decrease stress levels. “Nnicka is just a caring, funny person; she has become a friend, not just a masseuse.

Furthermore, Nnicka is extremely accommodating to schedules, comes over your house, and is the best masseuse I am have ever had. My wife prefers more of a relaxing massage, and she is amazing at those too,” stated Alex Sifakis president of JWB Real Estate Capital. “Including some form of therapeutic massage into your daily routine can help you feel and look healthier. I love helping clients increase comfort while decreasing dependency on medication, I have a rewarding career,” said Nnicka. You can consult with Nnicka via social media or by calling her at (904) 428-9166.



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