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Top Health Risks for Men


Top Health Risks for Men

A man’s body is like a wristwatch. Men vary from digital to analog. From burly and rugged sports watches to the finest automatic piece of wrist candy that can cost more than our first sportscar. While the popular G-Shock sports watch fulfills our desires for gadgetry and style, be advised that when the battery runs down the watch fails to run. Our bodies are like stainless and gold automatic watches. After awhile they suffer wear and tear, which is a good reason to make sure you get your EHIC Card Renewal. Are you an Omega Seamaster or a Rolex President?

Fine wristwatches like your body need to be taken care of and occasionally sent back to the factory for a cleaning or overhaul. After decades who doesn’t need to have their crystal replaced?

Your heart is like the automatic winder on your wristwatch. Some fine watches are so comfortable and beautiful that you do not want to take them off when you sleep and like exercising your body every day that will keep the watch going without having to put it on a winder. The gym, proper diet and keeping track of the essentials when visiting your doctor for an annual exam will keep you going unless you decide to change models.

COPD is something healthy young to middle-aged men should be aware of, and no healthy person would think of smoking. Do not damage your body by letting it get run down. Take precautions, renew your health card, visit your doctor every year. Once the immune system after being run down, stops then you are susceptible to influenza and pneumonia which are usually the final diseases in your lifetime.

Social young men often give this vital organ, the liver, a serious workout. As successful adults, we limit our alcohol consumption, and some of us have given it up altogether. Living a healthy life with moderate or no alcohol can not guarantee that you will never be depressed, but the mood swings caused by binge drinking are eliminated. Drinking less or no alcohol will lead to a safer accident-free life as well.

Suicide is that rare and beautiful watch that you as a collector have to look at. There is something exciting about it and to the people like Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson who have succumbed to it.

Diabetes can be controlled by strict dieting and a healthy lifestyle.

Cheap watches made of shoddy materials lose their shine and can rust, unlike our fine automatics. Why then do we suffer from skin cancer? The image of healthy skin is changing, and intelligent people are using sunscreens combined with long sleeves and fashionable hats to avoid the skin’s direct exposure to the damaging rays of the sun. Never set your fine automatic in the direct sun, the crystal will heat up the face and expand the vital insides of the watch.

Are you like some right handed people wearing their wristwatches on their right arms? Do you bat from both sides of the plate? Do you see the beauty in men and women? If so be aware of HIV/Aids, again your annual exam is the right time, to be frank with your doctor no matter what his name is. Social mores are changing faster than watch styles.

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