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Clues Your Wife Doesn’t Love You


Clues Your Wife Doesn’t Love You

Just because your wife may have lost that loving feeling for you, it doesn’t mean, exactly, that you should go running out to get a divorce.

Every relationship is different, and so divorcing someone because you feel that they do not love you any more is a bit of a cop-out.

In most cases, she may have just given up loving you because she’s stuck in a situation where you make all the money, she loves the kids you two have, and she’s too afraid to risk raising them on her own without your financial assistance.

That, my friend, is quite common. Now, I’m not saying that it’s your fault or her fault. What I am saying is that honestly, it could very well be your fault and so she may have good reasons for falling out of love with you.

So, just because she may not love you anymore, not all is lost. Get help. Talk to her. Be honest. Tell her of your concerns. But this article is not about what to do – it is about how to tell if she doesn’t love you anymore. Are you ready?

Clue #1: She’s Much Less Affectionate

You cannot not communicate. Even women are not masters of deceit, although it may seem like it. If she doesn’t love you anymore, then a lot of that lovey dovey stuff that used to be there will be gone.

But understand this – it is very, very common for couples to be less affectionate in a relationship over time. Usually, it is a gradual thing that happens as a couple have kids, have bigger homes, more responsibilities, or having to take care of a sick relative, etc…

So, just because she may be less affectionate, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you – you have to look at all the evidence.

Clue #2: Her Side of the Family Treats You Different

If she is close to her family, and especially if she is close to her mom or sister, then your wife is more than likely keeping the up-to-date on how things are going. If she is honest about it, and she tells them that she is having a lot of problems, and no longer loves you, then they will not be able to hide it nearly as well as her.

So, pay attention to how they treat you. Is it different than in the past? Does the worse treatment seem to match when it got worse with you and your wife?

If your wife has been going to them for emotional support and love, it’s pretty easy to tell how it’s going by how they treat you – especially if before they treated you with lots of love and open arms, and now they don’t.

But again, families are fickle. Don’t use this clue as the only piece of evidence.

Clue #3: She Shows You Disrespect

Usually when a wife falls out of love, she will start to show her lack of love through showing you less respect. However, usually, if she shows you a lot of disrespect, then she probably already has a plan B guy going on, and is already ready to bolt.

Usually, women don’t want to be labeled as the home-breaker. Instead, they will set you up to be the bad guy. They want you to take that role – that label. So, they will start to show you disrespect in hopes that you will react in anger, fight, and want a divorce.

In a case where there is a lot of disrespect by her towards you, honestly, you should seriously consider dumping her ass. It’s probably too late to get her respect back, and that is something that no guy should have to tolerate. It’s up to you of course – I’m just saying. I have helped a lot of beta male guys realize that they are wasting their time in the relationship if their woman is totally disrespectful.

Clue #3: She Takes Out Her Frustration on You

Just as with disrespect, this is a clue that there are serious problems in the relationship. But this is not as serious as disrespect.

If her frustration has been going on for a long time, it could be your fault and you should talk to her about it. She still may love you, but she’s just very frustrated because you’re not listening to her, or she feels that you don’t love her anymore, or are not respectful, etc…

She could be working her ass off to take care of the kids, cook all of the meals, clean the whole house, and it’s all getting to her.

Again, everyone and every situation is different. Just use this as a clue. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t love you anymore.

Clue #4: She Picks Fights with You

This really depends upon your wife’s personality. If she is normally quiet and mild, she may never pick a fight with you and instead be planning the end of the marriage in her own way. If she is the somewhat assertive or aggressive type and she doesn’t love you anymore, AND she is comfortable with leaving you, she will purposely pick a  fight with you.

Women are masters at doing things to piss us off so that we look like idiots in an argument. It’s like all of them have gone to Bitch Training 101 when they no longer love us.

If she picks fights with you easily and she didn’t before, this is a pretty damn good clue that she has fallen out of love with you.

Clue #5: She Doesn’t Give You Blowjobs Anymore

Women look at blowjobs as a very loving, intimate act. It’s not exactly easy for them to do it if they are not in love.

But again, this depends upon your wife. If she was the blowjob queen in high school, and she did multiple guys at once all the time, then, of course, this isn’t a good clue.

But if she is like most women, it is a good clue. She will just want you to get your rocks off and then be done with the sex – no blowjobs included.

If you want to learn how to get more blowjobs, be sure to check out my guide. Not only will it help ignite the sexual passion that is missing from your relationship, it can also save your marriage.


These are 5 clues to let you know if your wife doesn’t love you anymore. Use them as a guideline, but the best way to find out is to simply talk to her. However, if she shows all of these signs and more, you may want to secure your finances before you talk to her – that way, you protect yourself.



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