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The Super Hot Gemma Lee Farrell


The Super Hot Gemma Lee Farrell

The 5’8” Model stands tall for a woman but has elegance in her work as a model. Starting her career as an actress,  her priorities changed over the last 5 years as she has become more prominent in the modelling scene. At 24 years of age shes is travelling all over the world shooting with various photographers and really exploring her female powers. She is New Zealand’s Super woman after all.

Currently dating a pro snowboarder (Brandon Biebel) , Gemma claims her boyfriend looks like Channing Tatum. Although we’d like to contest that notion, it will get us nowhere with Gemma, as she is a Family girl at heart, and prides herself on keeping her close ones as close as possible. Although a model for many sports related brands Gemma claims she is not much of a sport person herself as she must keep her stunning exterior safe from possible sports related accidents that could occur. She recalls a very recent accident where she drove a mortorcycle into a fence. You can find Gemma on instagram to find out what shes up to next.


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