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Ever Thought About Using Delivery Auction Sites? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Totally Should

Ugh. Moving.

No one likes dealing with the tedious task of packing away everything in boxes, heavy lifting, and searching for an affordable removal companies who are easy to deal with. But hey, it’s impossible to just avoid this life reality, isn’t it? Inevitably, there will a time when you need to move to another city or transport a sofa or coffee table. The best thing to do is to make this chore as smooth and convenient as possible.

Thanks to technology, there’s a new way to deal with the stress and cost of removals.

Of course, you’ve heard of ride-sharing and accommodation-sharing companies. We’re all pretty much at awe with how these things changed our lives. But the innovation does not stop there. Do you know that there are delivery auction websites that can allow you to use the services of courier companies and removal firms at the fraction of a cost? We’re not kidding!


All you have to do is list down your removals job on and encourage removal firms and courier companies to bid against each other. You will likely get a reply from the trucks and vans which have already dropped off their cargo. Instead of returning back to base with an empty truck, they can make a bit more money finding something they can transport on the way home.

It’s easy to see why transport companies appreciate the beauty of using a delivery auction site. It allows them to get a bonus job for spare capacity. But why should you try out delivery auctions? What advantages will you get?

Check out this list.


  • You’ll Definitely Save Money

People think that the easiest way to cut costs when transporting cargo to do it themselves. But do you have the time, the manpower, the tools, and the knowledge? Do you have enough space in your vehicle or would you have to take several back-and-for trips? Better leave the job to professionals. But it can be expensive to deal with a removals company, right?

Your best bet is to list your items on a delivery auction site and find a deal that’s within your budget. If you do it right, you can save as much as 75% in your moving expenses. You might not want to choose the cheapest option in the list all the time. Consider other factors too. Make sure you’re dealing with a company that makes you feel comfortable.


  • You’ll Help Save The Planet

Considering the current condition of the planet, it is important to do what you can to help save it. One of the biggest selling points of delivery auction companies is just how green they are. They help cut down CO2 emissions in the same way that carsharing does.  Instead of hiring another truck and adding another vehicle on the road, you get to maximize one that is already going to the direction you need. It may be a simple contribution, but it’s a lot better than nothing, right? Now, if more and more people will choose using delivering auction (and ride-sharing!) companies, then we get to create a bigger impact!



  • You Can Use It For Large And Peculiar Items

Whether you want to move all the contents of your home or maybe send a week’s worth of laundry to your mom (you should be ashamed!), you’ll easily find a transport company on Shiply willing to do the job for you. Shiply can also be used for ebay shipments, fragile item transport, boat transports, furniture delivery, removals, and more. Some of the recently transported items listed on the Shiply website include a Renault Captur from Edinburgh to Gloucestershire for £290 and a Honda Motorcycle from London to Barcelona for £500.

Wondering how much it costs to transport your cargo? Just complete a form and competitive quotes will be emailed to you! They’re typically 75% less than standards UK delivery services.


  • It’s Completely Hassle-Free

You probably know how stressful moving can be. There are numerous things to think about. Choosing the right removals company will make it a whole lot easier for you. You have more than a hundred thousand delivery companies ready to provide you with a quote for moving your items. You just have to pick the delivery company based on the prices and previous customer feedback.  It may sound all complicated but Shiply’s website is very easy to use.

Unfortunately, you need to do all the packing. But they have a lot of tips on their blog. As a green company, Shiply encourages their clients to cut down on packaging or re-use old packaging too. If you are moving a very huge or very fragile item, you might need a specialised packing company to make your life easier.


  • It’s Safe

Worried that you might get scammed? Think someone might run away with your stuff? No company is 100% scam-proof, but safety measures are in place to help prevent these kinds of danger.


According to the Shiply website, “Delivery companies go through a rigorous multi-stage fraud, background check and verification screening process. Our customer support team is on hand by phone and email to answer any questions.” Customers are also encouraged to leave a review to help future clients decide which provider to trust.

As always, use your instinct when choosing a delivery company. Make sure to choose something that makes you feel comfortable (usually not the cheapest ones). You don’t want to find yourself dealing with a rogue driver.


Happy moving!



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