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HYT H1 Titanium Water Watch


HYT H1 Titanium Water Watch

Ever thought you’d live to see the day when time was told by water on your wrist? that day has come. HYT engineers have developed the H1 Titanium. The most remarkable watch to hit the market since watches existed. If this watch were a movie it would be Avatar. Revolutionary in every way imaginable. Clepsydras or water clocks have existed before. The oldest found thus far dates back to the age of the pharaohs. It took 3400 years to overcome the force of gravity and indicate the time with a liquid in a mechanical wristwatch. Many have dreamt of it – HYT has done it.

Extreme alchemists, HYT’s Hydro-Mechanical Watchmakers have turned utopia into reality – mixing mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch. While truly addicted to non-conformism, they have drawn upon the strictest codes in Fine Watchmaking – and felt entirely free to shatter them! By achieving the incredible challenge of indicating the time with water, they have not so much propelled a new UFO into the watchmaking stratosphere, as they have in fact pulverized all certainties by uniting two worlds that are supposedly diametrically opposed.

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