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The Laws of Attraction

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The Laws of Attraction

Standing on your toes in a game of inches.

Selling advice to men about how to attract members of the opposite sex has built
fortunes great and small ever since we started wearing clothes, and it’s the pillar
upon which men’s magazines have been built for about as long as we’ve been
writing things down. From dick pills to toothpaste, from Spanish fly to magical
body spray, from dime-store psychology to Porsche salesmen, there’s no shortage
of nonsense from all corners telling you with all certainty how to get more tail then
you’ve ever thought possible. If you haven’t been pitched somehow in the last 24
hours on how to get laid, than you’re either lost in the backwoods somewhere or in
a coma. It’s pervasive

These sales pitches are predicated on two things,

1: their target market doesn’t know the first thing about women,


2: Their target audience has confidence more fragile than Sydney Crosby’s frontal lobe.

As you’ve probably noticed already, Swagger is different. We’re not ever going
to pitch you this bullshit, in fact, we’re trying to put an end to it. We’re a men’s
magazine that wants to inspire our readers to tune out that which does not matter,
and so in the interest of clarity, we bring you the only list of things you’ll ever need
to appeal to the very best members of the opposite sex.


There are less than a hundred men on earth who can pull off the junkie-chic look
that attracts women, and they’re all in bands already. The rest of us just have to
embrace the fact that the universally appealing look to all women is “healthy”.
Healthy doesn’t mean packing a stomach you can grate cheese off of, it doesn’t mean
a perfect BMI and it doesn’t mean having to devote your entire life to a gym. Healthy
is a guy who’s eating well and getting exercise, and there’s no substitute for doing
just that. If you’re eating vegetables, not binge drinking or smoking a pack a day,
and taking a jog every once in a while, your skin looks good, your energy level is
good, most likely you’re happier, and you’ll be a better in the sack too. They did a
study in ’09 at the University of Arkansas that said conclusively that working out
made you “sexier”, not just because you had the obvious stamina and performance
advantages, but because when you’re taking care of yourself you just feel more
attractive, and that confidence is the kicker. You can have a big nose, a bald spot
or missing teeth, but women can pick out healthy men the same as we can pick out
healthy women, it’s nature’s way of letting us wear our lifestyle on our sleeve. If
you’re not already living healthy, it’s as simple as making smarter decisions when
you eat and how you move, and if you’ve got your bases covered then don’t even
sweat it. There’s no body type this side of morbidly obese that won’t get the job
done if you’re doing things right, and there’s nothing less attractive to women then a


You don’t have to be rich to attract good women, and the rich guys that get the good
women didn’t get them because they flashed a few Bengies. For most of us, money is
a symptom of something more important, success. Because success comes to those
of us who driven, involved and industrious with our interests and talents. Women
want men to be passionate, smart and focused, because if those pistons are firing,
the ship is always headed in the right direction. You don’t need millions, you need a
goal you’re in the middle of hunting down. If you don’t have it, then you shouldn’t
be chasing women in the first place. Never forget a good woman won’t be adverse
to getting in on the ground floor of something big, but they can smell bullshit better
than any bloodhound in the world.


There’s an argument that it’s all tied to their “cycle”, that badboys get the gals during
ovulation and leave what’s left for dependable men, but the myth that women are
attracted to assholes is just that, a myth. Across the board what women are attracted
to is confidence. Because most assholes are born with the unshakeable belief that
they can lick any man in the house, they’ve got cocky down to a science. Of course,
when that confidence turns out to be paper-thin, a good woman will cut her losses.
For those of us who aren’t keen on acting like something we’re not, the trick is to
be comfortable in your own skin. That’s easier said than done, but it’s always made
easier when you know exactly what you’re bringing to the table. No matter what’s
happened to the masculine ideal we’ve been sold for years, what a woman wants is a
man, so all you have to do is be one. When you’ve got confidence balanced with good
humor, humility and some principals to back you up, that’s Swagger, and the bottom
line is women are attracted to men of Swagger.

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Written by Jeremy P Beal

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