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Top 10 Sexiest Female Jobs


Top 10 Sexiest Female Jobs

If you believe only swimsuit models drive men crazy, know that you might be wrong. According to a recent study in the US, scientists found that men are more attracted to women who have certain jobs or professions. Some guys love women who are sophisticated and have a real passion for climbing the corporate ladder, such as marketers, accountants, or bankers. There is nothing like a woman with ambitions and goals to get a man’s engine revving. Let’s see the Top 10 Sexiest Female Jobs.

1. Marketing

Annual Salary: $67,820

Maybe it is their analytical mindet or their incredible communication skills. Maybe it is the way they convince a man to want something even before he knows he wants it himself. Whatever the reasons, women in the marketing industry are really desired by men

2. Lawyer


Annual Salary: $112,550
While lawyers may be called hypocrites, hustlers, or liars, men seem to not really care. Female lawyers are some of the most wanted for attractive studs. Intelligence is sexy.

3. Teacher

Annual Salary: $54,400
Who wouldn’t love a women who is nurturing by nature, and yet authoritative? Perhaps males are attracted to the idea that female teachers could easily nurture their future kids. Who really knows? In addition to this, let’s be honest: men need to be nurtured, too.

4. Advertising

Annual Salary: $89,050
Advertising makes people want things. Apparently, so do the women of the advertising market. Is there a man who doesn’t like a women who knows how to experiment and get creative?

5. Flight Attendant

Annual Salary: $38,120
Always friendly and smiling, most flight attendants wait on your each and every need. These women deliver alcohol, blankets, snacks, pillows, soft drinks, and even meals if the flight is long enough. Do you need more than this to survive?

6. Physical Therapist

Annual Salary: $79,880
There’s no surprise that this profession made the list. Women who are physical therapists are best known for having dexterous and skilled hands. Knowing your woman has the skills to fix sore, rub you down, or fix pulled muscles can be really comforting.
7. Banker

Annual Salary: $72,320
Can you spot things that are not attractive when it comes to a woman who works in the banking industry? Nope, you can’t. They know how to tackle money, they dress really well, and they know how to communicate. In addition to this, they can handle all of your assets carefully.

8. Accountant
Annual Salary: $35,110
Female accountants are organized, smart, and successful. Most men love these qualities when it comes to females, so this industry makes the list.

9. Police Officer

Annual Salary: $55,020
Women in uniforms. Who doesn’t love them? They are proud, strong, and ready to take action. Ask her nicely and she will let you handle her fire arm.

10. Hair Stylist

Annual Salary: $23,450
Just like most female physical therapists, hair stylists do wonders with their bare hands. They also have, well… plenty of style. When you think about it, hair stylists know how to make themselves look great. Since men are visual, it’s quite obvious why men love them.

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