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5 Best Semi Truck Accessories For Safe Driving

Every truck must have the basic accessories before hitting the road. Some of these accessories are for safety, comfort of the driver and so on. While many truck accessories enhance the life on the road for the driver, some are added to make sure that other road users are safe around the truck.


No truck can drive into the Australian Outback without a bumper. For your expensive truck in America, you would want to do everything possible to protect it. If you drive on roads where you might hit things with your truck, a bumper will protect the front part of your truck.

Even if you drive on safe roads, it is still important to have a bumper installed. This is not only for the aesthetic value, but also for its protective value. Headlights and indicators are some of the most vulnerable front parts of your truck, yet they are very important. A slight miscalculation could have them crashed when taking a tight bend. When you have a protective semi truck bumpers, it will take the abuse and keep your headlights safe.

A Fully Equipped Road Emergency Kit

Road emergencies happen at the most inopportune times, even when you think you are duly prepared for anything. An emergency kit must include things like first aid items, a reflective vest which is very important for making you highly visible when your truck is stalled on or on the side of the road.


A tire pressure gauge, working gloves, reflective triangles, dry food, flashlight and batteries, pliers, screwdriver, ice scrapper and a hammer are just some of the tools that you must have in the kit. Bring along a good pocketknife, flares and bottled water. You can never have too many items in your emergency kit. If you think you will need an item on the road and there is space for it, bring it along. Do not forget some rope, spare light bulbs and other small items.


Truck fenders have many benefits. They can help make your truck safer for other road users. As the heavy tires of your truck roll along, they collect a lot of debris in the treads. With more movement, the pebbles, sand, mud and other debris start dislodging. They fly in all directions and can pose a serious danger to other road users. However, a fender will capture the trajectory of the debris such that they fall to the ground once they hit the fender. Iowa 80 chrome shop is one of the best places online to find various kinds and sizes of semi truck fenders.

A Windshield Cellphone Mount

This is often one of the most underrated or ignored accessories that can enhance the truck safety in a big way. A driver can get an emergency call from family, friends and even from work. In such a case, being able to speak on the phone without having the phone in their hands can help a great deal. With your phone in the firm grip of the windshield mount, you can keep your eyes locked on the road and your hands firmly on the wheel. A mount that can be twisted and turned in different directions can help a lot.

Seat Cushions And Bedding Accessories

A comfortable and well-rested driver is a safe driver. Long distance and indeed even the short distance truck drivers spend a very sedentary lifestyle. They spend many hours sitting down. Thus, they need the best seat cushions to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Seat cushions made of memory foam work very well. They are not only very comfortable, but they are firm and can support the weight of the driver for a long time without collapsing. A good cushion can enhance good posture while driving.

Sleeping accessories include things like pillows, mattress covers, electric blankets and cab fans for summer. These can make the road life comfortable for drivers. It is very important for a driver to get enough sleep so that he/she can hit the road refreshed and rejuvenated.


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