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The Essay Writing Process: 5 Main Steps

Essay writing is a task which exasperates or irritates many college students. While some students seem to be perfect in the art, others find it to be a burden that comes with being in college. However, as many come to realize, they cannot forego the essay writing process as it has an immense reflection in their overall grades. The students who perfect the art write their essays and hence get to improve their writing skills. However, their counterparts opt to either plagiarize their papers or seek assistance form custom essay writing companies. Plagiarism is an act which is not condoned in essay writing. It is punishable through various methods such as suspension, a jail term or failing an entire course. On the other hand, seeking help from writing companies like, is not a bad thing but you need to use their services to equip yourself with efficient writing skills. One does not grow to be a proficient and skilled essay writer overnight. You have to develop an interest in writing and practice it on a regular basis. Even though it may take time, you should not give up on it and eventually, you will develop a passion for writing.

There are processes or steps which have to be followed to construct a perfect essay. Every author has a unique and different writing process which they follow. However, using the same approach to write your papers will not help you learn because some essays call for different approaches. Professional writers also change their writing processes and this helps them create or develop unique, thoughtful, and well-constructed articles.

Writing is a skill which you will not only use while in college but also in your future life. Therefore, it is fundamental you learn how to prepare, organize, and edit an essay as it is beneficial in numerous circumstances.

Before writing your essay, it is crucial you prepare yourself for the task. Every essay has different content. Nonetheless, they all have a basic essay structure which they follow, that is, an introduction, a thesis statement, the body and a conclusion. You also need to be conscious of your writing process. This will come in handy whenever you are having difficulties in handling a particular paper. To learn how to write a great essay, you need to follow the essay writing process discussed below.


Prewriting and research

Before you start writing, you need to recognize or identify what is required of you and then begin working on your rough draft. First and foremost, you need to find a thought or idea to work with. These come as easily as they can be life situations, a childhood memory or a routine. Do not think hard about it as you only need to imagine something which inspires or motivates you. Write any thought or idea that comes to mind and select the one you will work with. Similarly, a topic may be given to you by your professor. Brainstorm and select a certain field you want to work with.

Secondly, you need to conduct extensive research on your idea or field and gather as much information as possible. Lastly, you need to select the information which is in line with the topic of your essay from your research. Do not use information which does not relate to your paper.

Planning and outlining

Planning and outlining an essay are easy once you have conducted ample research and gathered the relevant information you want to use in your paper. Developing an outline is essential in essay writing. An outline acts as a map which you can refer to during the writing process. It not only makes the writing process simpler but also enables your paper to have a smooth and systematic flow. In your outline, you need to structure how your article should appear, that is, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You need to know what you will include in every part and ensure it is relevant. Additionally, you should know that the thesis statement should appear in the introductory paragraph. The essence of a thesis statement is that it holds or supports the main argument in the topic of your article.


You can now begin the writing process once you have brainstormed and outlined your paper. When writing your essay, you should know that it will not turn out to be perfect when you write it once. Do not put pressure on yourself with the need to develop an intriguing article. Human beings are always bound to errors and you are assured to make mistakes while writing your paper. Furthermore, this is your first rough copy. Write your paper without any pressure but remember to put focus on the direction. Conversely, before you begin to write your paper, you need to ensure you have omitted all sources of distractions such as your phone, mails, and the internet.  Find a quiet place and the right time to write your paper. Also, ensure you practice writing continuously.


Your paper can have a drastic change at this stage. Revising your paper is one of the fundamental stages in the writing process. This is where you get to proofread your article and point out the mistakes, add information you may have not included, rearrange your sentences and paragraphs, and remove or replace unnecessary vocabulary. Adding information helps you beat the word count. Rearranging the sentences and paragraphs helps you to contemplate on the flow and sequencing of your story. Removing and replacing unnecessary vocabulary helps you bring out your message clearly. Additionally, the revision process helps you know whether your article corresponds to the given topic or not.


This is the final step in the essay writing process. After proofreading and correcting the mistakes you may have come across, you now need to confirm that your article is finely tuned. You should check for spelling and grammatical errors. You also need to check for punctuation mistakes. These simple mistakes can make you get a low grade. Therefore, you need to be keen and thorough while editing your work. Even though it is an intricate task, you should consider the fact that it is part of your academics and that you need to boost your grades.

In conclusion, essay writing is not a tiresome task. While some students believe that seeking assistance from writing companies is one of the many essay writing hacks they can use to forego the writing process, it does not benefit them that much as they will not learn how to write their papers. Also, there are various steps you can follow to write a perfect essay. Every author is used to their writing processes. However, you need to change as it will help you learn to have an approach to any type of essay. The essay writing processes discussed above are beneficial if you want to write a great essay.



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