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Ana Braga: The Next Big Thing


Ana Braga: The Next Big Thing

There are exports from some country the rest of the world could
simply never do without. The Saudis have their bitchin’ bitumen, the
Colombians have their special stimulants, and the Chinese have their
miniature America flags. Brazil, on the other hand, is a special case.
From their pipeline flows the most precious resource in all the world;
Women. There’s an ungodly, certainly unfair percentage of the world’s
babe reserves growing from the Brazilian nation, and Ana Braga, an
American by way of Rio De Janeiro, follows that long tradition and
takes it a big step further. With a pedigree in modeling that goes back
three generations, Ana moved to LA and did catalogue modeling work
that transitioned into professional dancing (she’s performed alongside
the likes of Pittbull, Gloria Estefan and Lil’ John) and back to modeling
in a serious way, always with one foot in the gym (she’s a certified
Pilates instructor, just incase any of you thought that body happened by


We caught up with Ana just as her spread in Playboy Romania was
hitting the newsstands. An international star on the absolute rise,
Swagger wanted to know what makes this bombshell tick.

Swagger: What do you like about the modelling world, how did you
get your start?
Anna: I love the photo shoots, the features and meeting fun people. I got
started as a child in Brazil. Modeling children’s clothes.

S: What are your “greatest hits” so far in your career?
A: I just came out in Playboy Romania. So that’s gotta be the most
famous. There is nothing bigger than Playboy! Another great
accomplishment was modeling for Kate Swim, the official swimsuit of
the Sports Illustrated mag!!

S: What kind of places do you get to go for shoots?
A: Rio de Janeiro and the Florida Keys! I’m always up for a work trip!

S:How do you unwind when you’re not in front of the camera?
A: A good movie, pizza and some wine!

Pilates is my go-to exercise, but it’s all about keeping balance.

S: Are you friends with other models? What’s it like when you guys
get together?
A: Yes I am. My best friend as a model is Anais Zanotti. We love shooting
together but we are also best friends off camera. Too bad I don’t get
to see her enough. We like having a girls day together!! A full day of
shopping and dinning. We also like the gym too.

S: What kind of man gets your attention?
A: Thoughtful, handsome and polite.

S: What’s your favorite car?
A: Bentley GT. Class, class, class. That’s a machine that’s built for excess.

S: What’s your favorite city to cut loose in?
A: Miami – The energy in that town is electric, you never know what to
expect. It’s also a good place to get into trouble…

S: Let’s say a rich Aunt dies and leaves you a fortune, what’s the first
thing you buy?
A: A house in Hawaii. Then Whatever happens after that, you’ve got a place
in Paradise you can go home to.

S: Any parting words for our Men of Swagger?
A: Thanks so much for checking out my feature. I love Canadian men and I
feel very honored to be featured in Swagger!!

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