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The best-kept secret in Europe: Belarusian Women


The best-kept secret in Europe: Belarusian Women

If you are active in the dating world, you probably know about the beauty of other Eastern Europe women especially the Russians and the Ukrainians but are you aware that Belarus has hidden gems within its confines? Well, Belarus is a quiet country, and this is why you rarely hear about Belarusian women. However, Belarusian women are the third most beautiful in the world.

Belarus is a very small landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Belarus (formerly Byelorussia or the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR) is bordering Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine. Much of the country is a hilly lowland with swamps, forests, and several rivers and lakes. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the country is slowly opening to the world.

A sneak peak into Belarusian women

Belarusian women are considered to be natural beauties. They do not spend countless hours fixing themselves up like the Russian ladies. They keep it natural – no accessories, just natural beauty. Belarus beauties are tall, slim, pale, and have bright, sexy eyes.

Why are Belarusian women so gorgeous? Let’s open it up a bit. The country is surrounded by Ukraine, Poland, and Russia, meaning there has been a lot of intermarriage over the years. Therefore, it is safe to say that the mixture of Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian features gives Belarusian women their stunning looks. Additionally, these beauties have an amazing personality to match their awesome bodies.

What makes Belarusian women so attractive?

Belarusian women are well mannered and polite. The girls are taught high moral standards since childhood. These standards include rules about respecting the older ones, not having casual love affairs, and being loyal to the future husband. A typical Belarusian woman is very conservative in appearance; this is easily noticed by how she dresses and how she behaves in public. It is rear to spot a typical Belarus woman in 6” heels – needless to say; they cover most of their body parts.

Belarusian women are brought up to respect gender roles. This means they allow the man to take the mantle as the head of the relationship and the family. Their upbringing channels them towards becoming excellent homemakers and remarkable spouses. Additionally, they are considered to be very faithful and loyal.

Dating a Belarusian woman

In case you are wondering where to find a cute Belarusian lady, don’t sweat it. There are two places where you can find a Belarusian beauty. You can meet her on the streets of Belarus if business/pleasure takes you there. The other way is through a reputable dating site like Kovla. Starting a conversation with a Belarus woman can be intimidating at first, but if you find your way into her heart, you will be the luckiest man on earth.

If you meet a Belarus beauty online, a polite and sweet introductory email will help in capturing her attention. Overtly direct and openly flirtatious introductory emails are a turn off to a Belarus woman. Like mentioned above, they are polite and well-mannered, if you maintain a similar tone when talking to her, be ready to enjoy a fun and exciting dating experience.

If you meet her on the streets, smile at her, greet her then introduce yourself. It might sound easy, but it really works.

Tips for dating a Belarus woman

• Understand her – to understand her; you need to learn about her country, culture and language. Most Belarusian women are offended by the assumption that they are from one large country, Russia.
• Listen to her – most Belarusian women talk about their families and country a lot. Even though her stories may be a bit abstract due to cultural difference, just lend her a listening ear and ask questions where necessary.
• The chivalric code – most people think that chivalry is a lost art but mastering the art is essential if you are looking to have a successful relationship with a Belarusian woman.
• Interesting and mature conversation – nothing impresses a Belarusian woman such as an interesting and mature conversation. Equip yourself with interesting anecdotes to share with her.
• Tell her about your country – talk to her about some of the interesting things in your country. This way, she will get to know you better.

What about kovla?

Kovla is an online platform that offers people the possibility to locate and communicate with individuals who share similar interests. We employ advanced technology to make your search for true love fun and enjoyable. We take pride in our sophisticated search and messaging facilities that have made us very popular. Finding a Belarusian woman on has never been this easy. Register, add your photo, fill in your profile information and you will be steps away from finding a perfect match.

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