Swagger Approved BBQ Sauce Guide

Spring is in the air, which means summer is just around the corner. Here are Swagger Magazine, we can’t wait for this BBQ season to fire up (no pun intended).  To celebrate the warmer weather, the Swagger Team put together this list of Swagger Approved BBQ Sauce that will be sure to compliment your grill this season!

True Made Foods, Inc.


BBQ is America’s national cuisine. There should be no argument there.

But for the last fifty to sixty years, traditional American BBQ has been under attack by one ingredient – SUGAR. Sugar is a powerful ingredient. Large amounts of sugar disrupt dopamine levels and create a kind of “sensory high,” masking all other flavors and sensory inputs. A high sugar rub or sauce lets the most amateur BBQ enthusiast compete with a skilled Pitmaster. Skilled Pitmasters use carefully balanced spices, well selected cuts of meat and years of skill tending the flame to create perfect BBQ. High levels of sugar simply cover up all that hard work.

In essence, sugar is a “BBQ Killer.” And today, the average BBQ Sauce found in the grocery store fits that bill. The average BBQ Sauce has 15 grams of added sugar per serving (2x TBS), which ounce per ounce, is more sugar than a soda. These BBQ Sauces are not only killing good BBQ, thanks to spiking obesity and diabetes rates, they are also killing Americans.

True Made Foods and the Legendary Pitmaster Ed Mitchell created the first line of BBQ Sauces that respect the heritage of American BBQ. Their six BBQ Sauces are all authentic regional recipes: homages to American BBQ tradition. Yet they are also no sugar or low sugar recipes that are naturally sweetened with real ingredients, like locally grown vegetables. In 2017, Ed was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and took a hard look at how sugar had slowly creeped into his cooking over the years.

By partnering with True Made Foods and launching these amazing Whole30 and Paleo certified authentic BBQ sauces, now available in Sprouts, Kroger and Whole Foods nationwide, Ed is honoring real American BBQ and preserving the health of his family and community. Ed and True Made Foods are bringing BBQ back to its roots.

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Spicin’ Foods: Pain is Good 

“Spicin Foods’ Pain is good BBQ line is a perfect way to spice up gameday.  They are perfect on your burgers, sausages, grilled chicken, pulled pork, or brisket.”

Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce – “Don’t be afraid: we’ve added molasses, real can sugar, and a flavorful blend of spices that complement the heat of the Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) Peppers in this extreme BBQ sauce.  We dare you to try it on ribs, brisket, and chicken.”

  • Sweet, smoky, with heat that sneaks up on you like a ghost.

Carolina Reaper BBQ Sauce – “This Carolina Reaper BBQ sauce packs a flavorful punch! Carolina Reaper peppers, molasses, oranges, and a smokey chili blend give this extreme BBQ sauce its unique, complex flavor.  We dare you to try it on brisket, wings, or pork.”

  • Punchy Texas Style BBQ sauce with a forward Reaper bite that sticks with you bite after bite.

Trinidad Scorpion BBQ Sauce – It will sting, but this Scorpion Pepper BBQ sauce also has a splash of pineapple and a special blend of seasonings and spices that round out its extreme heat.  We dare you try it on pulled pork, chicken, or ribs.”

  • Feel like you are eating at a Caribbean BBQ pit. Spices and seasoning galore with fiery sting of the Scorpion pepper.

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Branch BBQ Sauce

A new sauce company coming out of Cleveland, Ohio that no one saw coming.

Branch BBQ Sauces are a new kitchen staple.

Branch BBQ Sauce was created by four friends at a Sunday Funday volleyball tournament. The coldest of beverages were flowing all day, when they came up with the idea to mix BBQ and Ranch. After some extensive research and flavor profile buildouts, Branch BBQ was created.

The recipe is one of a kind, using their proprietary formula for BBQ sauce along with a complementary blend of creamy ranch dressing. Since they started just under two years ago they have expanded into 290 stores, while continuing to grow.

Branch has now expanded into five flavors:

  1. Branch, the OG BBQ Sauce: BBQ combined with ranch dressing
  2. Branchero BBQ Sauce: A little sweet with a little heat; a spicy version of Branch
  3. Cherry Peach BBQ Sauce: Sweet hints of cherry and peach mixed with Platform Brewery’s Rosellini Apple Ale
  4. Thai Chili Mustard: Tangy and spicy whole grain mustard, also mixed with Platform’s Rosellini Apple Ale
  5. Fieldhouse Mustard: A stadium mustard perfected, mixed with Platform Brewery’s Haze Jude beer.

Each one of the sauces and mustards creates a unique flavor profile that doesn’t just limit them to a cookout. They can be used in anything from brunch to dessert.

The Branch Managers all come from totally different backgrounds, but each one plays an important role in the growth of the company. Everyone has a part to play, and once the work is done, they get together to cook food and drink beer. It’s a great way for them to come up with other crazy ideas that allow them to play the mad scientist role, and then hopefully bring those ideas to a market near you.

Branch can be purchased through one of their 290 stores or through their website listed below. Don’t forget to follow them on social media for recipes, cooking videos and over all nonsense.

Website: BranchSauce.com

Instagram: instagram.com/branch_bbq

Facebook: facebook.com/branchbbqsauce

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Off the Backboard

We all know the benefits of getting Vitamin D. But don’t forget about the other nutrition you can get while spending time outside with your friends and family. This USDA Organic Certified Barbeque Sauce is what you need to spice up your Barbeque.

A fusion of many regional BBQ styles, the sauce starts with a subtle sweetness that flows into a rich complexity and finishes with a noticeable cayenne kick. Perfect when used for basting, dipping, and most creatively, Bloody Marys. Off the Backboard Barbeque Sauce is low sodium, low sugar, low carb, low calorie, and even contains protein. This companies story starts in Arizona with a new family neighbourhood and a bunch of Dad’s playing basketball. It ends with 16 years of friendship and encouragement to share this homemade Barbeque sauce recipe world-wide.

At Swagger Magazine, we are sure glad they did. Click here to grab a bottle of Off the Backboard’ Barbeque Sauce for your Father’s Day grilling.

Once the slow cooking is underway, you will need a beverage (if you haven’t already started). Take a look at Swagger Magazine’s picks for new tasty twists on the old classics.

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Skipkenny BBQ Sauce

Skipkenny BBQ. These award-winning BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs come straight outta Texas. After hours of experimentation between friends, including card ringer Kenny, the group came up with their delicious product line. During a competitive game of UNO, the friends decided to use all their skip cards on Kenny, who were determined not to let go home with all the winnings this time.

The skip card became known as the skip Kenny card, and thus the name was born around the BBQ pit. Starting it all off was the Whiskey BBQ Sauce. Skipkenny BBQ uses real whiskey and habanero peppers for the heat and honey and brown sugar for the sweet. This sauce is born of high-quality ingredients choosing wisely to skip the artificial extracts, flavourings and syrups.

The award-winning Whiskey BBQ Sauce has grown into a line of three BBQ sauces and two marinades, including mustard and a Texas BBQ rub. Conveniently purchased in 4-packs, variety packs, and brisket kits, Skipkenny has all your meats and vegetables covered this summer with free shipping to the U.S. Check out their website to find your ideal combination at https://skipkennybbq.com. It’s not a BBQ without Skipkenny BBQ sauce.

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