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5 Tips to Enjoy Female Company

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It shouldn’t really be too difficult to enjoy female company (we’re a lovely gender) but we do understand that sometimes we can be rather intimidating. So, whether it’s our sheer gorgeousness, outstanding intelligence or just our ability at doing pub quizzes better than the less-fairer sex, here’s our tips on how to get the most from your date (if she’s female, that is):

Don’t make her feel she’s being interviewed

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to cause unnecessary tension while you’re with a female you’re trying to impress, it’s to ask too many questions. Asking some questions is good because it shows you’re interested in her and aren’t a complete egomaniac. But repeatedly asking her ‘serious’ stuff to the point of interrogation is going to make her plan to run for the door. And so would we, to be honest.

Remember to bring along your sense of humour

Get overly-serious and anxious when you’re with a woman and you’re going to come across as neurotic, as well as deadly dull. You may be on a first date together but that’s all the more reason to throw in a few jokes and try to make light of the tension caused by ‘first night nerves.’ Remember she’s probably just as nervous as you are. Someone’s got to do the chillin’ here!

It’s no different than meeting up with a male friend

When you’re with a mate you’ll chat about stuff that interests you both – whether that’s music, sport, the latest games software etc. Well, it makes for easy and light conversation if you can find a few topics of conversation that you and your date are equally interested in too. We’re thinking films you’ve seen, TV comedies, theatre productions, favourite restaurants… the list could potentially be endless.

Do something active.

It’s less nerve-wracking being with someone new or a member of the opposite sex, if you’re not sitting staring at each other. Instead go Karting together, play bowling or join in some weird dance class. That way you’ll be too busy concentrating on what you’re doing to worry about how you’re coming across to her. And you’ll also be benefitting from the adrenalin buzz you’ll get from doing exercise.


Don’t ask her to pay for everything

But do let her buy her share if she wants to. These days it seems the female camp is divided on whether to pay their own way, go Dutch, or let the bloke pay when it comes to a date. So how are you supposed to know what she’s thinking? You don’t want to offend her and come across as being ‘old-fashioned’ by asking for the bill straight after the meal but then again, you don’t want to be seen as a skinflint. So, get the issue out the way right at the start of the meal. Say you’d like to pay but are wondering if she’d be offended by that. There, sorted. Now you can enjoy the first of what will hopefully be many romantic meals together.

No One To Enjoy Company With?

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What a great opportunity to be yourself and enjoy brilliant female company without worrying if you will get dumped…



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