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What Is Hidden Behind the Need to Rest from Each Other

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When a relationship is just beginning, couples tend to be inseparable. Lovers try to spend all their free time together, and even the idea of having a break from each other seems ridiculous and absurd. And what’s so surprising about this: two people have just found each other among billions of people, they can’t get enough of each other, so the need to part, even for a very short period, is disconcerting. 

But sooner or later, in any relationship, there comes a moment of satiation, and now the cute habits of the second half annoy you, the topics for conversation seem to be exhausted, and the desire to spend some time with an Asian escort in Dubai turns into an obsession.

Why Do Partners Want to Take a Break from Each Other?

Relationships are a living organism that changes over time. These changes are not always pleasant, but, one way or another, they are always for the best. The desire to take a break from each other at first glance may seem frightening, but do not rush to conclusions: it does not always hide the deterioration of relationships, often when the first emotional outburst passes, people remember that there is still a whole world beyond the boundaries of relationships. Besides, there are objective reasons for wanting to spend some time apart:

•The desire to maintain autonomy. At the start of a relationship, couples spend very little time apart from each other. They appear together at friends’ parties, in restaurants, cinemas, gym, park, even in the grocery stores. At some point in the relationship, one or both partners are afraid to stay there and remain a part of “we” forever, dissolving their individuality. A person grows and develops their personality for many years not to one day merge with their half repeating: “we don’t like fast food.” The separation is vital.
•Different interests. At the very beginning, to make the impression of an ideal person, we try to support the interests of our second half in every possible way, sometimes in detriment to ourselves. We run to the gym, skipping yoga class; cooking dinner together, although we had never stood in front of the stove; go into some strange restaurants serving specialty cuisine, though have a week to dream about the perfect burger. Sometimes you should slow down and understand that there is no need to share all interests, and if everyone goes about their own business — this will not lead to the collapse of the relationship.
•Fear of getting bored. If you spend all your free time together, watch the same TV shows, meet the same people, go to the same places, all the topics for conversation will run out sooner or later. To avoid painful parting, routine, and boredom, you need at least sometimes to relax from each other and spend time separately.

Unfortunately, the desire to distance is not always caused by objective reasons. Sometimes, after the first wave of feelings has subsided, people notice that they are completely unsuitable for each other.


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