What You Need To Know About Dating In Nairobi

By the time you reach the end of this article, you will probably get tired of us talking about Westlands. However, once you start to learn more about the city you will start to realize why this name is mentioned so many times. Westlands is the primary party area in Nairobi where you can find single girls. In addition, most of the tourists feel safer and more comfortable here compared to other areas in town.

Regardless of whether you are in search of dating spots or you would like to find a girl for a hookup, Westlands is the place to go. In general, we prefer including full addresses with our posts. But when it comes to Africa obtaining addresses is not always that easy. We did try our best in regards to the list above, where you are able to use Google Maps in order to find specific locations. You can also check on the map we put up when you reach the end of our guide.

You are also able to find many single nightlife spots in Kampala, here is a link where we covered this city.

How To Meet Girls In Nairobi During The Day


In a foreign country, the day game is often highly prosperous, yet at the same time, it is a bit more tricky. This city is huge with lots of people and chaos that goes on all the time.

This country is not regarded as safe either, and single girls may be freaked out if a stranger had to approach her in the streets. If you are regarded as a “Mzunga” which is the local word they use for foreigners, they may assume you are attempting to rob them. They also do not like been picked up or approached on the streets.

It is better to try and hook up with the hot Nairobi girls in a café, a mall or in quieter and calmer spots. Here are a few shopping malls to consider:

  • Galleria
  • Sarit
  • Junction
  • Yaya

The Maasai Market is also a great spot, or you can choose to visit the south Westlands areas where there are cafes close to the University of Nairobi where the college girls like to go when their classes are finished. Approach these girls slowly and calmly with a smile. If they do not seem interested in talking to you rather back off – you can always find a Nairobi tamu


How To Chat With Girls Online

Hookup Bars In Westlands For Single Ladies Nightlife In Nairobi

Many guys that are reading this post will probably not feel comfortable with trying to hook up with girls in public. We are not exaggerating when we talk about the amount of chaos in these big foreign cites. This also means that the locals are usually on guard and might not be interested in starting a conversation with a stranger.

Yet when it comes to the single bars and nightclubs, the Nairobi girls are usually a lot more approachable. Yet do not get a surprise if you are not feeling these girls either. Here is the part where we talk about that many of the ladies that you find at night are actually hookers. We will talk about this more in the last section of the post.

To get through all of these pitfalls, we suggest using the best dating sites online for Kenya or Africa. If you only plan to visit Kenya, we suggest using Kenyan Cupid. If you plan to travel around this continent, then you may want to try Afro Introductions.

These sites both work extremely well in these areas. This is a really large city with many single Nairobi women searching for men that are foreign online. Some are in search of serious relationships, while others are just interested in a hookup or some fun.

Using Afro Introductions or Kenyan Cupid will help speed things along. This means you are able to make contact with girls before you even reach Nairobi. If you have already arrived you can use these sites to set up a date.

This means you can avoid trying to brave the chaotic and crowded streets wasting your time in traffic. You also get to avoid trying to approach strangers in the hopes that the girl may be interested in you.

All you need to do is log onto one of these dating sites, then send messages to the ladies that you like. From here choose the ladies that have replied and meet them for a date in the places that we talk about over the following section. If all goes well you might just get laid.

Where To Hook Up With Kenyan Girls Online To Get Laid

Dating Guide For Nairobi

So now that you know about the better ways and places to find and meet up with single girls, we can continue on with our Nairobi dating guide. You may have guessed already, that the best places to wine-and-dine the girls you plan to meet are going to be in Westlands.

If you would like to show the women you plan on meeting a great time in an area that is clean and safe, then Westlands is the better option. Here is a list of the best restaurants and cocktail bars for dates:

–           Talisman – 320 Ngong Road

–           Ranch House Bistro – In La Pieve, Naivasha

–           Under The Radar- Argwings Kodhek Road

–           Asmara Bar and Restaurant – Juja Road

–           Havana Restaurant – Woodvale Grove

–           The Lord Errol – 89 Ruaka Road

–           About Thyme – Eldame Ravine Road

–           Ankole Grill – Galana Road

–           Muthaiga Country Club – Muthaiga Road


Date Ideas For During The Day

If you are in search of date ideas for during the day, you may want to head outdoors on nice weather days. Uhura Park is a great location where you can rent bicycles or take a stroll around the pretty lake. You can also visit the Nairobi National Park where there are lots of animals to see or visit the arboretum.

Other date ideas for during the day while in Nairobi would be a visit to the observatory which is in the International Convention Center or a coffee date at Sisima. You could also choose to go for a light brunch at Juniper Kitchen which is located on Muthangari Drive. The Diamond Plaza Parklands also has loads of eating spots and fun activities and overall is one of the better date spots.


Tips For Expats And Tourists

Here are a few essential tips we have for new expats and tourists when in Nairobi. Let’s begin with the money. While it is easy to live relatively cheaply here, this doesn’t mean a vacation to Nairobi will be cheap.

If you plan to use Westlands as your base and make sure you stay in the safe hotels, it can become pretty costly. It is similar across Africa, and their local currency includes the shilling. You get 100 shillings for a dollar which was accurate when we wrote this post.

When you book your hotel it is advisable to let them know your girlfriend will be meeting you, later on, to stay with you. In many cases, these hotels charge joiner fees.

It is also a complex task to navigate and get around the streets. This has to do with traffic and addresses that are often hard to find. When possible use Google Maps. One of the positives about this is that most of the Nairobi girls that are interested in hooking up with a foreign man will speak English at a level that is decent.

Don’t expect the girls to be fluent, yet it should be easy to communicate with them. Yet here is something of importance, there are many hookers in Westlands.

Yet this is something that is common in most countries across the globe. And where there is money the prostitutes are sure to follow. Rich locals and foreign men will frequent the nightlife spots in Westlands, and the girls looking to make some money will definitely be there too.

Some of these girls are just gold diggers in search of sugar daddies, while others will demand direct payments if you are looking for sex. It can be confusing to find out who is just interested in a date and who will want money. Yet if they seem overly eager or aggressive it should be easy to figure out what the girl really wants or is interested in.



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