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Content Creator Pipine Taya On Capturing Chicago’s Fashion Scene And His New Podcast

Sailun Tires
Photographer: Sean Su

Thai-born, Chicago based filmmaker and content creator Pipine Taya has an unconventional eye.

He is a content creator and filmmaker who creates marketing content for FashionBar, The Shows in Chicago – the Windy City’s answer to fashion week. He captures models, runway shows and brands, both before the lens and behind-the-scenes. While we might not know Chicago as a fashion hub, Taya has been there documenting its journey over the past few years, documenting the young, up and coming fashion designers and their cutting-edge, sustainable fashion lines. He speaks to Swagger Magazine about Chicago fashion, his new podcast, and what he is shooting these days.

How is Chicago a fashion hub, in your eyes?

Chicago is always a fashionable city in my eyes. The city may not be as well-known as New York or Los Angeles when it comes to fashion, but it definitely holds its own fashion hub. It is definitely making a name for itself in the fashion industry. So don’t overlook Chicago when it comes to fashion.

What makes Chicago’s fashion scene different from NYC and LA?

Chicago is definitely more approachable with the thriving local designer scene, a mix of high end boutique vintage shops and a unique street style. Every year, Fashion week is also focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly fashion design, while promoting the LGBTGQ+ community. 

Can you tell us about your new podcast? Is it fashion-focused?

Despite its approachability, FashionBar Chicago (Fashionbar LLC) still finds a way to be more engaging with audiences or people who love fashion, in general. This fashion-cultural-focused podcast was an idea from the marketing team, and I’m lucky enough to be a part of this recurring project as a producer and art director. It’s been blessed getting to work closely with Tony Long, the CEO of Fashionbar who also presents Chicago Fashion Week powered by Fashionbar LLC in the past eight years. This podcast would not be engaging without Jayne Xue, a podcast director who does fashion research and comes up with all the questions. Also, a talented music composer, Prikkang, composes original music for us. 

How long have you been in Chicago, and what kind of local photo and film projects have you done?

I’ve been in Chicago for about five years, mostly as a filmmaker with a focus on directing. Before I ended up working in fashion week, I got to work as a casting director in a few independent short films. Also, I am very excited for an independent film, Stained, a film written and directed by Pranav Mongadati, written by Nolan Baker, which I got a chance to be a part of the production and promotional team.

What’s next for you?

We’re all looking forward to the next fashion week here in Chicago, FashionBar, The Shows, which takes place in October. There will be runway shows focused on sustainable fashion, South Asian designers, urban and streetwear brands, eveningwear, ready to wear, and more. For more information visit: 


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