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6 Leather Jacket Styles by LeatherSkinshop that are here to last

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Leather jackets have extraordinary power.

If you sneak a peek into the past, you will be amazed at how long they have rocked fashion. The leather stuff has a magical power to evoke confidence, dynamism, and romance – all at the same time!

From casual to urban cuts, there are leathers for all tastes and occasions. If you are still uncertain that you can pull it off, slide into Google search and look how fashion icons Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, Chris Evans, and Bradley Cooper make statements with leather.

Watching how they rock their looks will inspire you to shop for a leather jacket. And there is no better place than Leather Skin Shop to fulfill this desire.

Below, we have listed leather jacket styles by Leather Skin Shop that you can give a shot:

Best Jacket Styles for Men:

  • Justin Bomber Brown Leather Jacket

For an innovative touch on classic leather jackets, look no further than this Justin Bomber Brown Leather Jacket by LSS. There is something ruggedly unique and romantic about this colour that catches the attention of onlookers. Most of the best bomber jackets for men are found in this colour. 

This particular article of LSS is perfect to wear at a cocktail party or a formal work event. Its expert fit, minimal hardware, and premium quality make it one of a kind.

On the flip side, it also emanates an aura of being on a road trip. Think of traveling around the country with your friends. A leather jacket could be your best companion whether you are hiking or hanging out. It has the spirit of adventure that we look for in all the best leather jackets.

Pair it with denim, white sneakers, and a smartwatch – you would surely grab the eyes as you pass down the road!

  • Shumack Black Café Races Faux Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket carries a different vibe. It gives you the confidence to face what life throws at you. You can wear it on your usual Monday commute or even when you are on a road trip.

This piece by Leather Skin Shop is one of the best sellers in the mens leather jacket collection. Its band collar is low-profile and understated. Meanwhile, the side pockets keep it sleek and minimal. Its effortless fit makes it a striking combo of fashion and fun.

Pair it up with slim-fit jeans or stompy boots. And you would look like someone who walked out of a Vogue cover!

  • Trent black Asymmetrical Belte Mato Leather Jacket

If you are looking for a slim-fit leather jacket to enhance your figure, this could be your perfect pick. The cut is superb. Plus, it is tailored to hug the body for a streamlined silhouette.

Its asymmetrical zip puts a unique spin on the classic. The best part is its slimming effect, making it one of the best-selling items of LSS. There are minimum pockets, and the overall look of this jacket gives a sleek vibe.

The adjustable waist belt option of this classic piece makes it appear versatile and chic. You can put it on when you are out on a date or even when it is your usual nine-to-five routine. The magnetic and mystic vibe of this jacket is irreplaceable.

Couple it with your favourite perfume, and you won’t need a pick-up line!

Best Jacket Styles for Women:

  • Leather Skin Brando Women Black Biker Motorcycle Jacket

If you want to keep only one leather jacket in your closet, make it a black biker motorcycle jacket. The moto became a sartorial icon back in the 70s and 80s when Marlon Brando wore it in the 1954 movie The Wild One.

The foundation of this jacket hasn’t changed as many still consider it as edgy outerwear. The chunky hardware coupled with asymmetrical zippers makes it an evergreen piece for women. This style introduced by Leather Skin Shop comes with a funky spin making it one of the hot-selling items.

The chunky silver hardware plus buckled belt at the waist breathes new air in the whole look.

  • Women Black Hell Grey Fur Brando Padded Rib Quilted Genuine Leather Jacket

Confused between fur and leather during winter outings? 

Leather Skin Shop brings an exciting combo of both for you. Its Black Hell Leather Jacket with fur is an ideal mixture of fluff and best-quality leather. The design combines two of the most favourite textures into a high-end article.

This jacket keeps you warm and trendy at the same time. The perfect in-between length of this style, with the hem landing upon the hip, is ideal for making a style statement at work or a club. The slight padding in the shoulders creates a powerful silhouette. At the same time, the antique-toned hardware adds an element of luxe in this practical jacket.

LSS calls it the Cadillac of all leather jackets. And we agree!

  • Sophie Marceau Style Women Black Padded Quilted Celebrity Leather Jacket

As brands come up with creative spins, jackets can’t be boring anymore. One such creative knack was noted in the Sophie Marceau Style jackets by LSS. This contemporary yet ultra-modern women’s leather jacket rocks the coal colour.

It looks smart with workwear and effortlessly cool when you toss it on a black bodysuit. This makes it a versatile style statement. The front zipper and three zip pockets embellished with bronze hardware enhance the overall appearance.

The ban collar studded with bronze buttons adds funk to the overall attire. It also has a stylish belt with copper buckle ends at the waist to provide an adjustable fitting.

Parting Note

No matter how old you are or your occupation, a fancy outfit is essential as you commute or move around. A leather jacket that goes with your overall look is a must-have in every wardrobe.

Check out how your favourite celebrities rock their leather jacket looks. It is a start on how and what styles you want to go for. Also, we hope you found a suitable type in the list above. If you feel we missed out on your favourite leather jacket style by LSS, let us know!


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