Slots Etiquette – There are Ways to Win and Ways to Lose

Slots etiquette may be a little different when you’re playing at a casino vs when you’re playing online from the comfort of your own home. Without other people’s eyes on you, you’re welcome to play in your pyjamas or in the bathroom – unless you’re a streamer! However, regardless of whether you’re in a luxe casino or just chilling out on the couch, there are some ways that will help you to win at slots – and some ways where you’re likely to end up a loser.

Here’s how to not break the bank and keep your sanity intact.

Ways to lose

Playing at a low-return rate game

Don’t know the return rate of the game you are playing? Then you’re probably seriously overestimating your chances of winning. The RTP rate (Return to Player rate) of each slots game, in each house, in each jurisdiction can vary. 

For instance, in Queensland, Australia, all machines “are programmed to return to player (RTP) between 85–92 per cent of takings” (85c to 92c of every dollar put in), with levels set by game and venue.

The same goes with online casino games. Make sure to read into the fine print to ensure you are getting a good RTP – up to almost 99% on some online games.

Keeping on playing after winning a big jackpot

When you’re up, you’re up. Whether you have just won a big round in a game of blackjack or a good spin on the slots, knowing when to cash in your chips is key. 

People who often lose a lot – or don’t come away with as much as they could’ve done – will keep playing after a big win. This is because they feel an even bigger fish could be around the corner, or that they have a lot more to play with now. Instead, it’s better to simply walk away after a big win. Save it for next time or a new purchase.

Setting a winning amount

Problem gamblers often have a minimum limit of how much they’d like to win. This really is setting yourself up for failure, as, as we all know, the house always wins. Players who set a winning amount will often play for an excessive number of hours at a time, trying to hit that goal. Oftentimes, they will end up down a lot more than they had anticipated by the end of the gaming session.

Instead of setting an amount that you would like to win, try setting your maximum loss instead – see below.

Ways to win

Keeping a hard limit spent

Said you’d quit after you spent $50 and blew it all in five minutes? It doesn’t matter how long you took to play an amount, all that matters is that you quit when you said you’d quit. If you stick to this rule, you’ll never have the opportunity to be too mad at yourself.

If you have a lower hard limit, then play at games like penny slots, and maybe hit a higher-limit table on your way out. This way you can extend the fun that you have during play without going over your budget – and still getting a higher-stakes thrill.

Playing at a new game

New slots games often have a higher RTP than older games, so that they can attract new players. This key bit of information is overlooked by many players.

For new games, practicing first is a great way to get a hang of the game first before putting down any of your hard-earned money. You can play on various demo games online to see how gameplay, features, and jackpots work. Don’t jump in and throw your money away, always try new slots in demo mode first.

Knowing when to walk away

Knowing when to walk away isn’t just about knowing when to walk away after one session of play. It’s also about recognizing if you are starting to form addictive behaviors, if you’re on a long losing streak, or you’re starting to become obsessed with playing.

Players who recognize these behaviors early and stop – perhaps to play again at a later date – will be winning better at life. Don’t let playing games become an addictive behavior for you, make sure to monitor yourself and get out if things are becoming (bad) habit-forming. Check out GamCare if you need assistance in setting boundaries.



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