Cash for Junk Cars Reviews Scams to Watch For

Selling your junk car in cash will offer some incredible benefits. You can easily get cash for your ride, and also a good amount of it. Yet sometimes scams meet junking your car for cash.

Don’t get scammed when you want to junk your car. Look for cash for reviews of junk cars before making a final decision, and find out what scams to look for. By getting an understanding of the most common forms of Junk My Car Scams and Reviews out there, you considerably lower the chances of falling prey to them

Would you know how to spot a cash scam junk-car? If not, then you’re in the right place. Below is our guide on 8 scams that you can look for and how to stop them!

1. Saying Your Car Has No Quality

Stop working with the business as soon as possible, the moment you believe that you are being taken advantage of. The biggest indication that someone is trying to take advantage of you is when they offer to tow away your junk car from you for free, but then say that when it enters their junkyard, your car has no worth.

Perhaps other scammers will insist that your junk car is worth nothing but will be doing you a favor by free towing it away. Your junk car is never worth anything so don’t let anyone tell you. Also if it’s a junk car, there are still some useful pieces inside the vehicle that can be taken out before scrapping the majority of the metal.

Much like any other business you’re working within life, nobody’s out there trying to hand out free favors because they don’t get something back in exchange. Keep this in mind, therefore: if they are able to tow your car off your property for you, it is because they see value in it.

2. You just don’t want to fall for anyone to tell you

They’re going to tow your car for you now and then give you a check in the mail later. In many cases like this, the promised check you will never get. Regardless of that, you never want to let anyone tow away your car for you without first giving you the bill.

And while you don’t want to ward off the tests absolutely, they are a major red flag. Most companies will be able to send you to cash in hand, the other alternative is electronic payments. Another way that scammers pull one over with the use of checks on innocent people, is to send you a check for more than the price of your vehicle.

If this occurs, scammers usually inform the owner that they have a check for more money than they pay for the vehicle. They then ask the owner of the car to take the check then give the difference in the balance to the company.

3. Offering Fake Deals Junk car dealers

Who are out to trick people looking for a way to bring customers in. One way that they do that is to give fake rewards. Those can include fraudulent rewards, gift cards, vouchers, free things and more.

And while offering such opportunities is nothing wrong, don’t let them distract you from the bigger picture: their bid. Will they give you a low-ball bid, but by throwing these rewards in your face, they try to make it sound better than it is?

No matter how good these sound deals, they are not going to compensate for the amount of money you’re going to lose by going for a low-ball bid.

4. Not Transferring the Title

Before you can legally sell your car to a junkyard, they would need to sign the car’s title. You do want to see to it that you cancel the registration of the vehicle. Before the junkyard tows away your car you want all of this paperwork done.

Do not depend on a junkyard to “do the paperwork” after your car has been towed back to their property. Usually, this is a red flag to cheat. If you allow your car to be taken without first signing the document, you leave the doors open for charges, car problems, and other scams.

For instance, a business that tows away your car for you without getting the title signed over could then send you bills in the mail for fees that have been piling up for your car sitting in their junkyard. Do not encourage yourself to do this. Beforehand doing all the paperwork and note to remove your license plate too.

5. Demanding You Pay for the Tow

The towing price will be included in the quote which you have already got. To be fully certain of this, it is best to inquire if the price is included when your quote is given. One way for scammers to use towing to trick people is by including it in the deal they send you, and then paying for it separately.

If the company tells you it is not included in the car deal then refuse to pay for it. Trustworthy cash for the company of junk cars will include this fee in the deal, and will not charge you again.

6. Changing the Price

A price bid shift is a very popular scam when selling your junk car to a junkyard for cash. The scammer will give you a firm price on your junk car over the phone for this scam. It happens when you give your car a complete and true summary and have clear pictures of the junkyard.

If you’re truthful with the full explanation of the vehicle over the phone, so there shouldn’t be a difference in the quoted price when the business comes to tow away the vehicle. You can even be scammed by first getting your car towed away and then telling you the deal has changed. Regardless of this, before you collect payment for it, you never want to have the car towed and never accept payment if it is lower than the bid originally quoted.


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