Motorcycle Ride Prep Checklist: How to Make Sure You Stay Safe

Wearing a helmet, riding sober, and following the traffic rules aren’t as much safety guidelines for a motorcycle ride as they are common sense. Therefore, you must do these things by default. However, while extremely important, those aren’t the only things you can do to avoid becoming a part of the sad statistics about motorcycle accidents. What you need to do in order to boost your own safety during this adventure is to make sure you and your bike meet all the requirements listed in the checklist below.

Motorcycle Ride Safety Checklist: Are You Ready to Ride?

  • Does all your gear fit snugly?
    This includes the helmet, eyewear, gloves, boots, leather clothing and, possibly, body armor.
  • Do you have reflective tapes on your clothing?
  • Are your riding skills up to par?
    If you haven’t been on a motorcycle for a while, consider taking a refresher course or, at least, practice at some safe place.
  • Are your headlight and taillight working well?
  • Are the coolant fluids at an appropriate level?
  • Are your tires in top-notch condition?
    This means they mustn’t have any cracks or bulges and signs of wear. Check the pressure in the tires as well.
  • Are there any signs of an oil or gasoline leak under the motorcycle?
  • Are clutch and throttle working smoothly?
  • Are your brakes in good working order?
  • Does the horn function properly?
  • Are the mirrors clean and set in the best position?

If everything on the list checks out, you are ready to ride. But of course, you shouldn’t forget about the legalities as well. Make sure your license is up to date and that you have all the necessary certifications for driving a motorcycle in your chosen area. It also wouldn’t go amiss to have the contact information of a motorcycle accident attorney on hand. This way, you’ll be prepared for every eventuality. You should also research local motorcycle and traffic laws and regulations for every county you visit.

Bear in mind that to be good in anything, humans require constant practice. This means that if you haven’t used your motorcycle for a while, you’ll need to refresh your skill in a safe environment. However, you should consider signing up for an occasional driving course even if you ride often. These classes might teach you some new tricks and techniques that will help you stay safe on the busy streets of today.

You should also take this opportunity to practice panicked evasion in a controlled environment. This kind of “exercise” might save your life if you ever encounter a similar situation on the road.

Show Off at Your Own Risk

Quite a few motorcycle accidents occur because riders attempt doing some tricks while on the road. There is no doubt that this can be fun and will give you an adrenalin boost. However, this activity is extremely risky and should only be practiced by professionals in specialized places. Therefore, unless you train for this specifically and do it in a designated training area with no traffic, any tricks and posturing are to be avoided.

Final safety tips for a motorcycle ride include dressing to impress and staying slow. Imagine showing off that fancy eye-catching gear of yours. The eye-catching part is a must because over 35% of motorcycle accidents are caused by the simple fact that the driver hadn’t seen the rider. Thus, your priority number one is to make sure you remain highly visible even in the dark.

Going slow is another vitally important consideration for all motorcycle riders. These vehicles give you a sense of power and it’s easy to get caught up in it and let loose on the throttle. Therefore, you need to make a conscious effort to slow down and remain within the speed limit. Doing this will also allow you to enjoy the view.


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