Best gifts for audiophiles and music lovers

Be it your mom and dad’s anniversary, and you want to give them the best turntable to burn all of the types of vinyl. Or your best friend wants the best bass speaker in his car. Every audiophile will adore anything and everything that relates them to music. Each year we spend hundreds of bucks to find the perfect sound instrument.

Sometimes we fail, and other times, it never finds space in our budget. So here, we have our top favorite gifts for audio enthusiasts and music lovers.

AV Receiver

Have you ever come across an AV receiver? These are the small metal boxes present around your televisions and music system. An AV receiver’s main aim is to receive the signals then interpret them finally process them via the cables. The signals are purified and made more strong using an AV receiver. AV Receiver brings new life in your sound system. Subsequently, every music enthusiast loves strong and rich music. And they’ll love it if you bring them the best thing they can get for their love with music.

Some of the best AV receivers under 500 you can easily find on the HelpToChoose website, models such as Denon AVR-S750H 7.2-Ch, Onkyo TX-NR595 7.2-Ch, Pioneer VSX-LX104 7.2-Ch, Yamaha RX-V485 5.1-Ch, and Sony STR-DH790 7.2-Ch, all of them are the best AV receivers on the market.


Some people don’t just listen to Music- they live it. It never matters to them, whether they are musicians or singers; they feel every moment while they hear it. And the best way to listen to melodies in person is Headphones. They come in all shapes and sizes, different variants, and high and medium prices. After the rise of Walkman and the Sony Discman, 2012 was the year when headphones made its break.

According to Audio Direct, “Currently, 87% of headphone owners use them to listen to music. This number is staggering due to the advantage that the headphone provides. The best thing about a headphone is that the user is out of bounds of the environment. You can feel the music and get your chills both at the same time.”


Speaker is for those who want to express their music. Not only to be heard by them, but speakers also ensure every person in the range will hear the bass. Speaker delivers the best experience in multidirectional audio experience in all musical instruments. They can be plugged-in your guitar, your TV, and even your car system.

They can be wired or wireless, depending upon their usage. The prominent thing that distinguishes speakers from other audio devices is their maximum portability. Varying in dimension, the speaker could be taken anywhere, and you can enjoy every part of your event.


Every music lover appreciates a turntable. A turntable is a circular rotating cased device used to play records through your vinyl. And if you think their beloved era has ended, stop right there. In the US alone, 2018 saw sales of 68,000 turntables in the country, 1000 more than 2017.

A belt-driven and low-noise feature with one great stylus are what every music lover will look like. Additionally, new features, including phonograph amplifiers, are popular today. This allows users to connect these sweet instruments to their speakers and stereo amplifiers.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are the necessity of every instrumentalist. Their main goal is to be in an effective environment to facilitate the least noise echo or reverberation. Though it may seem to be the least sexy gift on our list but believe us, they are not. A good pair of acoustic panels absorb wide-frequency sound, making them ideal for taming overly reflective rooms to create more tonal balance.

Streaming Service

Your music lover may need the best music streaming service. The best thing about music is the flow of tones. Apple iTunes library gift card, Spotify Premium, Tidal, and Pandora subscriptions are the best way to let them enjoy their streaming favorite music channels without any disruptions.


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