How Virtual Reality is Changing Our World

Technology is continually advancing and innovations are being discovered that redefines how we go about our day to day lives. At Evolving Science we have taken a look at how to charge electric cars on the go and how smart homes are close to becoming a reality. You can read our article “Control Your Home, Control Your World” for more information about these technologies. Although these technologies are still developing, one technology that is now available and is changing how we live is Virtual Reality (VR).

The virtual reality market has integrated itself in millions of people’s lives and companies. Forbes reported that estimates believe the VR market will top $120 billion USD by the year 2020. Virtual reality is changing multiple landscapes and industries around the world.Let’s take a look at three industries that have been revolutionized by virtual reality.



One of the most popular uses for virtual reality is gaming systems. The gaming industry continually pushes for new developments. Virtual reality headsets allow players to immerse themselves completely in their games and digital worlds. Each year more and more games are released that has VR capabilities. Tech Advisor developed a list of the most anticipated VR games in 2019 to demonstrate how far technology has advanced. Virtual reality has revolutionized the gaming industry and is used for all types of games – from action games to puzzle games.

Virtual reality has changed the way players interact and play games. In 2016, Casino VR was debuted. By 2017, the platform hosted its first poker tournament offering real prizes. The virtual reality headsets let players tour digital casinos and play as if they were sitting at an actual poker table. PartyPoker offers headsets that adapt based on the players’ head movements while the VR headset is securely strapped on the users’ heads. It is believed that in the near future, global competition will be held, allowing players from around the world to compete with one another without needing to leave the comfort of their home.



The sports industry has also embraced virtual reality allowing viewing an event more enjoyable. VR is cheaper than tickets. Today, virtual reality technology is bringing fans to the court, ring, and field at much more affordable prices.

Strength in Numbers has developed VR technology for football fans. Europe’s biggest teams are providing fans with a new viewing experience. Fans can experience the game like never before thanks to Juventus VR. This technology allows them to witness the game from the point of view of the football player. The virtual reality allows behind the scenes access at Juventus Centre, including inside the dressing rooms and the stadium’s pitch.

Federico Palomba, Juventus Co-Chief Revenue Officer, said that in the past, fans would need to physically be at the stadium to experience the things that virtual reality allows them to experience. Thanks to Juventus and other clubs embracing virtual reality, fans from around the world can experience football like never before. There are no geographical boundaries and fans can now have contact with their favorite stars.

The sports industry wants to provide its fans with the best experience possible. As technologies continue to develop, more sports companies will begin integrating VR technologies to help them better connect with their fans.


VR Porn

Virtual reality is changing multiple landscapes and industries around the world, even VR porn is now a possibility.

This new development will change the way people consume media and alter the way they interact with each other. Whether it’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen, however there’s not going back now – it’s here. ,

Virtual reality is aiding in complicated surgeries by offering cyber training. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is using software systems that simulate emergency room services based on a road accident patient.

The RCSI Virtual Reality Medical Training Sim provides training for medical personnel teaching them how to make real-time decisions and providing lifesaving procedures like a surgeon would in an emergency room.

This software was developed with Immersive Education VR. As new technologies continue to be developed, more healthcare providers will begin embracing virtual reality technologies to help train future surgeons and aid in the care of patients.



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