6 Workout Supplements That Actually Work

If you’ve been an athlete for any amount of time, you’ve almost definitely heard of a number of supplements that purport to do various things. These supplements go by a variety of names, many of which are almost unpronounceable, and may make remarkable claims. Maybe some of your friends swear by them, or maybe you’ve seen a celebrity promote them. But, of course, the question remains: do they work? Here are six tried-and-true supplements that you should start using.

Vitamin B12

Many people get enough Vitamin B12 from meat, fish, and dairy. It’s even fortified in many breakfast cereals, so you could be getting some Vitamin B12 from those sources as well. However, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, or you just don’t eat a lot of meat for some other reason, you could be at risk of having low Vitamin B12 levels. Vitamin B12 is essential, as it helps your body transform the food you eat into energy that you can put toward your workout. If you’re not getting enough Vitamin B12, a supplement can help you utilize your energy more effectively.


This supplement has been around since the early 20th century, and it’s still one of the most widely-used athletic supplements. Although the body does produce creatine on its own, adding a supplement can help your body bulk up naturally. In fact, it’s been well-demonstrated that creatine can aid in both short-term and long-term muscle building. If you’re weight lifting or playing a muscle-heavy sport, creatine is a great addition to your kitchen cabinet.


Low magnesium levels are shockingly common, which is unfortunate because magnesium is an essential part of the human body. If your magnesium levels are low, you can experience extreme fatigue, depression, muscle weakness, and even more injuries. With magnesium, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting supplements, but you can actually enhance your body’s magnesium levels naturally. Try loading up on avocados, bananas, lentils, and other foods with high magnesium levels.

Whey Protein

If creatine is the king of athletic supplements, whey protein is the queen. There are whey protein drinks and powders all across the market, helping you pack more protein into your diet. While you can definitely get general protein from your day-to-day diet, whey protein actually enhances your body’s ability to rebuild your muscles. If you’re weight lifting or doing high-intensity cardio, whey protein can help make sure that you’re getting the protein necessary to build your muscles back up, rather than causing damage.


Most pre-workout mixes contain caffeine, and for good reason. Caffeine helps you feel more awake and energetic, which makes it easier to get through difficult workouts without taking a break. If you drink a few cups of coffee before hitting the gym, you’ll be able to get in a better workout. Every time that happens, you’re increasing the amount of muscle you build! It’s better for your workout routine in both the short and long term.


If you’re looking to really build a strong workout routine, CBD workout supplements are for you. They generally come as a CBD tincture and can be used in a variety of ways in conjunction with your workouts. You can use CBD before workout routines to calm down, making it less likely that you’ll push yourself too hard. The best CBD oil tinctures provide you with enough CBD to stay relaxed throughout your workout, so you don’t injure yourself. For the best CBD, try Charlotte’s Web CBD oil tinctures, as you can choose from Full, Extra and Original Strength.

No matter when and how you choose to use it, CBD is a great supplement for your workout.

There are a lot of supplements out there, and some of them are more legitimate than others. If you really want to get the most out of your workout, you’ll want to invest in a supplement that can actually help you build more muscle and increase your workout intensity. With these six supplements, you can improve your workouts naturally.



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