Does Rogaine Really work for men who are experiencing hair loss or thinning?

To deal with hair loss for men, it can affect one’s emotions and confidence. Due to this, some actually become less sociable and gets into depression. It would be even more depressing if it happens to man who is of younger age.  When you have a receding hairline and thinning crown, you start to panic and look for a quick fix. Some would buy medication or drugs over the counter, some would resort to buying wigs and some would even resort to surgeries for hair transplant. Unlike 3rd Dimension studio, men can overcome their hair loss problem without having to go through any form of surgery.  Hair replacement system allows men to have the treatment with no pain, without surgery nor any medical care. The hair will look and feel exactly like any real hair and no one will be able to notice that you had actually went through hair loss. You can be assured that it will be custom designed to your preference, tailor made and one of its kind, high quality materials are used and it will make you look and feel good every day. The good news is, 3rd Dimension Studio also provide step by step guide for you to go through the process at home in case you do not want to do it over at their studio.

In some cases, men with hair loss problem resort to drugs to help them cope with the issue. Rogaine is widely known for its effectiveness in helping men to combat hair loss. Although proven of good result, not everyone is compatible. Even if it works, it doesn not grow the hair overnight and it may not grow hair as much as before.  You may notice a significant hair growth of at least 4 months of usage.

Rogaines comes in two forms, foam and liquid. Both have been reported to produce same results although liquid form appears to be cheaper and faster in absorption. Then again, this absorption may also result in damage to your scalp’s follicles. Some men experience more hair loss during the first few weeks of use, but that is actually a sign that the product is working. The disadvantage of using Rogaine is that you can never stop using it as once you stop, the hair goes back to its original state as hair loss will occur again. There are also side effects that you may want to avoid using Rogaine altogether. It may cause severe scalp irritation, unwanted growth of facial hair, chest pain, fast heartbeats, headaches and many more.  Rogaine can never cure baldness fully and can only work when there are some healthy hair present.

There are also men who choose to cut off the extra hair which makes the thinning looks more prominent. Barbers and stylists would be the best person to seek advice for the new you. Instead of getting stressed over the thinning hair, you can also choose to grow a beard. This will at least draw people’s attention to something new on your face rather than just focusing on your losing hair. It would be good to avoid hair gel or hair spray altogether as it separates the hair and reveals the scalp. Some men accept the fact that they are losing hair and let nature take its own course. These days, having a bald head is considered fashionable, so it is not uncommon to see younger men with fully shaven head.  Being bald is not bad after all.


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