Make Your Morning Sex Even Better With These Tips

Let’s not deny the undeniable fact here people. Morning sex is the best thing to do. You can do so much in the mornings and a naughty hookup session under the covers is certainly one of them. And, who doesn’t like good shower sex? Oh, it’s just the best, isn’t it? Getting a little naughty with your man in the shower isn’t a bad idea.

Waking Up Sexually!

Morning sex always makes your mornings with your partner turn into a beautiful and sexual awakening.

  • Don’t you just hate it when your alarm goes off in the morning with a blaring sound? Instead of doing that you could set something slow and romantic, just to set the mood in the mornings. The feeling when you wake up to sensual and romantic music will be good for you and your partner. And while you are at it, you could always massage his genitals and get that blood pumping downwards. You know that always works.
  • We all want to have fresh breath during love-making or kissing. But did you know that brushing your teeth right before giving your man a blowjob will multiply his pleasure? No, right? Well, the trick here is the menthol in the paste. Not only does it give you a minty fresh breath, but it also gives a chilling effect to your man’s penis. You can just forget everything else and concentrate on the head of the penis, a long lick can do wonders here.

  • Men love morning sex. And they are the horniest during that time. Studies prove that the testosterone that is used during the daytime, accumulate while a man is sleeping. So don’t hesitate to let it flow. Your man will surely like it if you take a ride in his morning wood.
  • Why not tease your man with a sneak peeks of your curves, the first thing in the morning. Men love visualizing stuff. So while you are awake, then slip the covers a bit to reveal your curves so that he gets greeted with this sexy sight just as he wakes up. You know that’ll make him hard, for sure.
  • How many of you knew that the musky scent of the body can be a booster for libido? We bet not many. Well, that’s what the experts say. Snuggle closer to your man in the mornings and take in that musky scent of his body. Now that’s a definite turn on, isn’t it?
  • A good and hot shower in the morning always works, even when you are alone. And do we even have to mention how good it is when you have your partner with you? Well, certainly you know. Having a quickie in the shower is what everyone wants. And while you do that, don’t forget to give your man a sensual massage. Just the feel of your soft fingers, running all over his body will make the blood pump south…if you know what it means!

Are you someone who is looking for some ways to make your man go crazy in the mornings? Then with these tips, you will certainly succeed in bringing out the inner animal within your man.


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