5 tips for organising and decluttering your wardrobe

There are perhaps very few things more satisfying than decluttering your wardrobe and clearing it out of all those clothes that you no longer wear or that no longer fit you. In this article, we’ve considered tips for organising and decluttering that space, ready for maybe some new purchases or to just create an easier to manage storage solution. 

  1. Donate, throw away, keep 

It’s time to make three piles with your clothes. These consist of items you wish to donate to a charity or perhaps sell on a listing site such as eBay or Depop. You’ll also need a throwaway/recycle pile for clothes that are no longer wearable and finally a keep pile where you’ll put everything you want to eventually put back in the wardrobe. 

  1. Look into savvier hanging solutions 

Your typical coathanger is fine, but there are a number of smart storage solutions available that can save you space and make it easier to manage your wardrobe. This clever hanger allows you to hang five items of clothing on one hanger, creating more space in the wardrobe with ease. You can buy it from the likes of Amazon. 

It’s also worth investing in some new hangers while you’re on your organising spree. The hangers we get from our clothing stores usually aren’t great quality so look into felt lined hangers that hold onto clothing and look good all at once. 

  1. What to do with big winter coats 

We understand that space can be limited and when you aren’t using those large winter coats you may be unsure where to store them. Many of us want to avoid the loft to minimise the risk of pulling the coats out later and them smelling musty. Vacuum bags are a good option as these shrink the coats down in size or you could consider moving them to a small storage unit. 

You’ll find storage units available up and down the country in a range of sizes. Cubic Storage, for example, is based in Southampton and offers locker sized units perfect for storing coats in. Then, once winter rolls around you can simply head there and get them out. There will be a small fee each month but in the long run it can be worth it to save on that all-important wardrobe space. 

  1. Create a system 

When you’ve rifled through and removed any items you wish to donate, sell or throw away, it’s time to get organising. There are a number of ways to organise your wardrobe, here are just a few suggestions: 

  • By colour – If you like a neat looking space, then a colour coded wardrobe is a great option. However, bear in mind that if you wear a lot of black or darker shades you may find it difficult to find specific items on your search for something to wear in the morning. 
  • By type of clothing – Dresses in one row, trousers in another…organising your wardrobe by clothing makes it easier to find what you need. 
  • By occasion – Many of us don’t like to mix our business wear with our casual clothes, so separating your wardrobe by occasion is a good idea. You can have your work clothes grouped together, then your comfies then your special occasion clothing to make it easy to find the right outfit for the event you’re dressing for. 
  • By season – If you have a small amount of storage space or like to mix and match your seasonal clothes to ensure they get enjoyed all year round then you may consider organising your clothes by season. That means all those snuggly jumpers will end up grouped together and the lightweight shirts or summer dresses go at the far end. 
  • By outfit – If you carefully curate your outfits and will only wear certain items together then this is another option. That pair of bold print trousers and that classic white shirt? Pair them up. That blue button-down pinafore and a thin jumper? Hang them together. Do whatever makes getting ready in the morning easier for you. 
  1. Try the rolling technique for drawers 

Gone are the days when we folded and stacked our t-shirts and jumpers. Now, we roll. Rolling allows you to squeeze a little more into your wardrobe and is great if you’re packing a suitcase too. Alternatively, check out the decluttering expert Marie Kondo’s technique for folding clothes that minimise wrinkles and allow you to fit more in. 

Whatever your reason for organising and decluttering your wardrobe, whether you want to make more space or just mix things up, we hope these tips have been helpful. Try them out and enjoy a tidier home for your favourite clothing and accessories.


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