6 Cool Stag Party Ideas to Consider

Organizing a stag party is fun, but it’s also challenging because you definitely want to make it special. Here are some ideas on how you can achieve that.

Do some shooting

Many a man would agree that shooting can be a great way to relieve stress, and stress is something unavoidable before the Big Day. So, why not incorporate it into your stag party?

Today you don’t have to go to a range to indulge in this activity. In fact, you shouldn’t as that place is hardly conducive to a party atmosphere. Instead, have a great time on a paintball field with your friends. There are a variety of similar activities today, so find something that fits your budget and experience level.

And if you are more on the nerdy side or if your friends cannot all come to the party, you can enjoy co-op gaming. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Ghost Recon, Borderlands, and hundreds others will help you relieve stress, connect to your friends, and have a great time. Also, it’s a good option for a budget activity as you’ll only need some snacks and drinks for this kind of party.

Smoke cigars

If you are looking for something fancier, a cigar party can be a great idea. It will allow you to dress up and have a great time role-playing cigar-smoking characters from your favorite movies.

To go for a classic atmosphere, you’ll need some bourbon, a lounge furniture rental that offers fancy leather chairs, and a wide range of cigars. Put on some jazz and lounge in the aforementioned fancy chairs and simply enjoy each other’s company.

If you can afford it, add a whiskey bar. But do remember not to drink too much. You wouldn’t want to ruin the wedding day with a hangover.

Do something extreme

Skydiving? Whitewater rafting? Bungy jumping? The list of cool activities that will bring your emotions to an extreme is very long. So, you have many options to try out. This is another great way to relieve the stress that’s sure to be getting to the groom by now.

Also, the rush of adrenalin is better than any drinks. Have this kind of experience instead of a traditional party and you are sure to remember it forever.

Go fishing

On the opposite end of the activities list is a relaxing fishing trip. It’s a way to relieve stress for those who prefer quiet and a chance to bond with your male friends more. Also, this activity offers an opportunity to do some self-reflection as fishing can put you into a nearly meditative state.

This would be extremely helpful before a wedding. The groom will be able to settle his thoughts and emotions so he feels calm and collected on the Big Day.

Escape from a locked room

If you haven’t tried the escape room type of quest before, now would be a great time. These things are fun and also give you a chance to flex your brains. Even if you don’t actually escape, you can enjoy yourself while solving puzzles.

This can be a great way to start your night and you can discuss your experience while hitting the bars afterward. Also, escape rooms today are extremely versatile, so you can find something that will fit your celebration theme.

Go camping

Camping is an all-time classic activity that will never get boring. Whether you travel somewhere or set up tents and sit around a firepit in your backyard is irrelevant. What is important is bonding, sharing stories, and relaxing while surrounded by nature.

Make sure you go on camping prepared, and we recommend this best instant tents article to help you choose the best tent.

And if you need something more special, you can go glamping, which is basically camping but with all the fancy stuff and tech.


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