Groomsman Duties: Before, During, and After the Big Day

Nowadays, it takes a small army to make a wedding happen. From the engagement to the crazy wedding preparations, there are many people who work behind the scenes to make that long awaited day extra special. Luckily, this is the best way to involve your closest family and friends in the wedding process. The bride has her maid of honor and bridesmaids and the groom has his best man and groomsmen.

Groomsmen are chosen by the groom. They are mostly his most trusted friends, cousins, or brothers. If you are important enough to be chosen, your role is not simply to show up and grace the ceremony with your presence. While the role of the best man is well defined, as groomsmen, you also have a list of duties and responsibilities.


Before the Big Day

As the wedding day is fast approaching, the groomsman are expected to attend the pre-wedding events: engagement party, bachelor party, and rehearsal dinner. He is expected to help the best man, along with the other groomsmen, to kick off the best party for the groom as a farewell to bachelorhood.

The groomsman must take care of his tuxedo or coat and tie as well. Traditionally, it is provided by the groom, but times have changed, and it is now common courtesy for the groomsmen to rent or pay for their own suit.

You must also choose a gift for the groom. This may be extremely difficult, so a bit of help from other groomsmen is a good idea. They can even buy their gifts together. Some groomsmen and best men pool their money and resources and prepare a once-in-a-lifetime gift the groom will always remember. ost grooms also take pains in choosing great groomsmen gifts to thank their friends for supporting them through the wedding process. Or maybe you’re a guest attending a wedding and not sure what to get the happy couple? Well we stumbled on this article that says 33% of wedding guests select a gift from the registry, 32% simply give cash, while 19% give gift cards, and 3% don’t give a gift at all! Don’t be like cheap Uncle Frank, and find out what gift is right for the happy couple. 


During the Big Day

The groomsman is part of the support group for the groom because, even though it may not be apparent on the outside, grooms can also get extremely nervous. The groom will try to keep it cool, but when he starts fidgeting, it is the cue of groomsmen to offer words of support. They usually dress together with the groom, and this moment is part of the pre-wedding photography sessions.

A groomsman can also help relieve the groom of some of the tasks on his checklist, like making sure his rings, marriage license, and honeymoon luggage are all packed and ready.

While in the ceremony,  your job as a groomsman is to help make life easier for the groom. He is expected to help direct the entourage to their seats, find his partner among the bridesmaids, and escort her down the aisle.

The groomsmen can also help the best man, who carries the weight of most responsibilities. During the reception, they are also encouraged to dance with the bridesmaids or the ladies who do not have partners. One tradition has bridesmaids and groomsmen sneak out to decorate the getaway car with tin cans and the like.


After the Big Day

The groomsman’s duty does not end in the reception and honeymoon send-off. The groomsmen may be asked to help in carrying away the wedding gifts and other personal items. Sometimes they also assist in making sure all the hired services are paid, and of course, they return the rented tuxedos.


It may sound daunting to some, but a groomsman should not let all these tasks deprive him of truly enjoying the big day. A wedding is supposed to be a joyous celebration of love. If you get the honor of being a groomsman, make the most of your time in the entourage. Your friend, the groom, will be grateful to have you standing with him on his special day.


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