The Ultimate Guide for Buying Couch Bed

There are numbers of inventions created to make our lives easier, take couch beds, for example. If your room has limited space or regular bed being too expensive, you can depend on couch beds. Sofa beds could be a very sturdy right choice.

Have you encountered having friends to sleep over your house, and you don’t have enough room to spare? If you had, a couch bed would save you not just space, money, but amongst all, unexpected events.

Now, there is a lot to consider when choosing a couch bed that will suit your needs. To help you out, we created the ultimate guide to select the right-fit couch bed for you. Take a read!

Size Matters

They say you can’t commit unless you measure the worth of what you are buying. Size does matter! When choosing a couch bed, you need to make sure it fits the area you want to place it. Never neglect the measurement of the couch bed. Remember, it does take space and buying an overly sized mattress would cost you more.

There are a lot of sizes available in the market, queen size and standard size, for example. These sizes have a perfectly fit sheet, and so neglecting the size would give a hard time finding the right sheet for it.

Quality Versus Quantity

Choosing a couch bed could be taxing. The expenses is also another challenge. Hence, always remember to choose a quality couch bed, it may be expensive, but it is better than buying a new one after three months.

The quality of the mattress is an assurance of a good night’s sleep. Take note of the softness of the edges of couch beds, how fluffy the bedding is and the comfortability of it. Also, consider that thick mattress does not mean good quality. A thin mattress could better support your needs, depending on how you intend to use it. There are a lot of couchbed reviews proving how quality impacts their future choices.

There are two types of mattress supporting couch beds.

  • Memory foam mattress. This type of mattress is made up of visco-elastic foam. Different from the other kind, this mattress provides more consistent support and comfortability. The memory foam mattress is the most flexible foam mattress invented. It’s reliability to comfort is just an uphill. It also offers dust mite resistant, and it is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Innerspring mattress. If you want a proven bouncy mattress, this would be your best choice. But, the innerspring mattress does not guarantee a good night’s sleep. There are several types of an innerspring mattress, and stress-relieved-treated springs are the best type of innerspring mattress but have proven to be very expensive.

Hardwood Frame

Hardwood frames impact the total durability of the couch beds you purchase. The sturdy and durable frames are made primarily from a combination of furniture-grade plywoods and kiln-dried hardwood. But, a simple structure made from kiln-dried hardwood is also the right choice. Asking the salesman for the type of wood used to create the frames won’t hurt! Make sure to avoid couch beds that are made from softwood or pine.

High-Quality Open-and-Close Mechanism

Having an open and close mechanism could be a total headache if you don’t consider factors before purchasing them. In a couch bed, the open and close mechanism should be smooth and no issues, if you encounter any, it’s a dead giveaway.

Have this part carefully checked by you, ask the salesman for you to test it yourself. This way you can make sure you tested it and verified it’s smoothness. Also, keep in mind that the mechanism should be compact so that it won’t quickly lose its screws or break its inner parts.

Smooth Edges

The smoothness of the edges and inner parts are critical. It is essential to make sure these parts are soft and do not have any spurns or the likes. If the couch bed has any unsoft parts, it is an indication that it is unsafe. Touch the edges and inner parts of the couch bed and feel its smoothness.

Test to Impress

The best idea to verify the durability and comfortability of the couch bed is to test it. Test the item yourself. If you feel unsatisfied or even think of second thoughts about the product, do not purchase it. Make sure it is easy to operate, lie down and see how comfortable it is and try opening and closing it three times to see its stability.


It does not hurt to test a sofa bed. Therefore,  checking it is always the best idea. Don’t hand your credit card without considering these factors. Remember, couch beds are not just for your home design. It is created to give your family comfort. So make it a point to know every detail of the couch bed you purchase.

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Analisse Weathers is a blogger and writer. She mainly writes about home improvement, home renovation, home repairs, and just about anything related to home-related subjects. Analisse loves to write these topics as she aspires to become an interior designer someday. In her spare time, she spends time with her family and friends.


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