Why does your child drink? Five reasons that make a child look into a glass

Children are the flowers of our lives, who inform the world about their birth with their first cry. From this point in their lives, their mother and father cherish their babies daily and wish them the best. Rosy-cheeked and strong children please the human eye with their positivity! It would seem that this is the perfect person in the world.

But it happens that over time, everything changes. The child grows and absorbs all the surrounding information like a sponge. The once pure and radiant angel will one day know the forbidden fruit. For example, not a scr888, From modern online slots with mini-games, bonuses, and additional prize games, to classic “old school” slots — each of them has its own unique atmosphere and style that will brighten up everyday life. He might even like it! We are now going to talk about alcohol, which is the strongest factor that can degrade different segments of the population.

Many parents wonder what pushes a child to try not only alcohol but also love it. Indeed, how can you please a teenager like a bitter and tasteless liquid? Let’s look at the five most serious reasons that can make a teenager want to drink alcoholic beverages.

Reason №1. Family alcoholism. It’s no secret that if any family member has a craving for alcohol, the child will most likely eventually have an interest in the contents of the bottle. From the very early childhood, the baby sees how mom or dad (or both of them) drinks alcohol. The child understands that this is how an adult has to live. As he gets older, he will probably taste a glass of wine and say that he felt good. Perhaps, drinking alcohol will simplify the problem and help to survive life’s challenges. That’s what parents did, and that’s what I do.

It must be said that family alcoholism generates love for a glass at an early age. So, alcoholic beverages are fully available to the child, and most likely, he/she will once try them. In some cases, the parents themselves offer their child to try alcohol to “sleep better.” These children are at risk, and most of them turn into chronic drinkers.

Reason №2. Friends that loves alcohol. Getting into certain circles, a teenager tries to imitate others in order to be like them. Companies are communities of people with certain goals, habits, and laws, so if your child listens to everyone’s opinion, he/she will surely become one of them. It is, for this reason, your long-grown baby will find it difficult to say “no” to the proposed cigarette, a sip of alcohol, or even something psychotropic.

The company, where alcohol is actively supported, almost 100% predisposes to the intake of alcoholic beverages. As a rule, the child himself decides to drink or not to drink, but under the pressure of others, he/she wants to show his maturity and independence, so he/she agrees to try something unknown. Note that next time, he/she can become the initiator, because as soon as you know alcohol intoxication, you will want to repeat it!

Reason №3. Advertisement. Alcohol is advertised everywhere and in different ways. Manufacturers try to convince the users that their product has the best quality. We all know that alcohol, regardless of the “good” criteria, is still a poison- a time bomb, so to speak. Teenagers, who have some sort of childish naivety, believe advertising slogans, so they don’t see anything wrong in the use of these products.

Reason №4. Problems. Surely each of us has at least once heard that someone (perhaps you) was drunk alcohol while experiencing life difficulties. Of course, it can’t be called salvation, rather, on the contrary, alcohol will exacerbate the problem! However, teenagers draw their own conclusions, and when they have some troubles at home or at school, they also prefer to solve them simply and easily – with the help of alcohol. Of course, the sight is unpleasant, because in this way, the teenager shows his weakness and insolvency.

Reason №5. Internal rigidity and tightness. Let’s take a situation. A teenager got to the party where everyone is having fun and dancing. And suddenly he realizes that his movements are timid and sluggish and inviting a girl to a slow dance is out of question. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Of course, to relax and become like everyone else! Otherwise, there is a great risk to stand in the position of “idol” the whole evening!

A drunk teenager will not feel embarrassed or leave the party too soon. Fun, perky laughter, mischievous dancing… However, it’s all unnatural and implausible. It’s not your child but a different person you never knew.

Surely, many will find a lot of excuses for drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, each state of intoxication shows only that the child develops a love for alcohol.

If you suddenly feel a smell of alcohol coming from your child, think about why he did it. Maybe you can help him stop before it’s too late? The child takes a lot from parents, so if you lead a healthy lifestyle, then your child will understand without words that there is no place for alcohol in his/her life.

A simple transition to a healthy lifestyle

Good mood, happiness, and peace of mind depend on different things, and one of them is food. Every day we go to the kitchen to treat ourselves to something tasty or grief eat. But breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if properly treated) can become a magical elixir — they will give positive emotions, health, and beauty.

The sense of life is to find happiness. Dalai Lama once said this. The book “China Study” by Thomas Campbell tells how to make life better with the help of the simplest tool — food.

A pill for sadness and disease

Imagine: scientists have announced a new drug. It is scientifically proven that it guarantees the prevention of 95% of cases of cancer and diabetes, almost 100% of heart attacks and strokes, reverses severe heart disease and blood vessels. It has side effects: perfect weight almost effortlessly; elimination of migraines, pimples, and colds; improvement of vision and hearing; erectile dysfunction treatment; long life.

Do you want such medicine? What if we say you have it at hand? In the refrigerator. Well, or at least in the supermarket near the house. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Curious, isn’t it?

Such drug really exists. And this is not an ingenious vaccine. This is a proper diet.

Reserves of willpower

If you regularly experience unpleasant feelings-anxiety, irritability, or fatigue, try to adjust your diet for at least two weeks. You will definitely see positive changes! All you need is a force of will, which, as it turned out, is an exhaustible resource. There is one amazing psychological experiment that proves this.

Participants were asked to watch the saddest part of the film, in which the hero says “goodbye” when dying. Some women were asked to take this sentimental scene as indifferently as possible (both externally and internally): not to cry and not to be sad. Others were told to behave naturally: to be sad and not to hold back tears, if they wanted. And then everyone was asked to try the ice cream and evaluate its taste. Although the women didn’t know this, the scientists measured how much each participant ate.

Women who consciously held back emotions ate 50% more ice cream. They were less in control. This means that after bright events or at the end of the day, we have less strength to fight temptations. Don’t forget that.

Think or do?

We make more than 200 food decisions a day (we are not even aware of 90% of them). And meanwhile, our health depends on what we eat. A study on the consumption of sweets by office workers measured how many chocolates employees will eat in different scenarios: if you put them on a table within sight, put them in a box or in plain sight (on a shelf 2 meters away from the person).

When sweets lay in a bright jar on the shelf, the persons ate the least candies: if the employee had to get up and walk to the jar, he/she took about 3 candies a day. When candies were visible and within reach, the result was almost three times higher- 8.6 candies a day, and if sweets were not visible, but at the same time available, the result was intermediate — 5.7 candies.


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