Why we can’t agree on gun control

Gun control is one of the hot topics all over the globe. In some countries, only authorized and selected people are allowed to possess, carry and use guns, but other countries allow to own one for protection, like the USA. It has been part of the country’s law to allow civilians to have registered guns with them. However, the increasing number of shooting episodes all over the world made the government realize that there could be something they need to do to prevent this type of incidents.

One group of people argues that the limitation of gun possession will reduce firearm-related crimes and save lives, but the opposite group believes otherwise. Law-abiding citizens must use guns to protect themselves against armed criminals. Many gun control essays examples were published to show others what they feel about gun policy, learn the views of both sides and let them express their arguments on this topic.

What is Gun Control?

Gun control is a legal measurement to restrict or prevent the possession of firearms. It is believed to be the right solution to the problem at hand. Restricting and limiting gun ownership could lead to decreasing shooting incidents and unlawful use of firearms. The proposal is debatable for some people and may not be the appropriate solution but responsible ownership. Criminals are still criminals, and regardless of laws being enacted, they will use guns for the accomplishment of their devilish agenda.

In the USA, the possession of selected firearms is protected by law. The Second Amendment to the US constitution gives the right for the Americans to own firearms for lawful purpose. Even with the fact, there is still a vast number of citizens who believe people can be safer with the gun control law.

The Debate

The country is divided into two groups of pro- and antigun control. Each group has given their points and defended the arguments. And though they couldn’t prevent the government from enacting the law, few things need to be considered such as the positive and negative effect of such to the majority of the population.

Data are showing that most of the firearm-related incidents in the US come from legally acquire guns. So creating restrictions on the purchase of firearms may contribute to decreasing the crimes involving firearms. There is also a study of private institution pointing to the high risk of gun-related suicide when it is accessible at home. The people who are in favor of the gun control believe that individuals that shouldn’t possess firearms can purchase a gun when without the strict supervision of gun ownership.

Gun Control: Why it won’t Work?

The opposite group argued that the gun control wouldn’t change a criminal mind, because they can still use other weapons like knife, or homemade explosives. Limiting people in owning guns would only decrease their awareness of this, and could create fear for those who don’t understand how it works. When one learns how to use a weapon, gun in particular, there will be no anxiety when they are around it. The Gun Control law will not increase the value of human life. It is the way how people look at life. The gun-related violence took place because one didn’t understand life’s worth. Thus, gun control may not be the answer in decreasing the crimes related to firearms.

The Contention

The political division of opposing groups made way for some to analyze a few data that supports the argument. And to overcome the occurrence of debate, people must understand why it existed. This isn’t due to the lack of understanding or absence of facts, but the more significant exposure of knowledge leads to the opposing views. There can be information that could be associated with existing belief and values. That is why, when one encountered incidents or facts that support the view, they somehow embraced it and convinced their inner self that it is indeed the information necessary to come up with the desired conclusion.

The increase of gun-related crimes is just one of the many factors to gun violence. And the cases of mass shootings incidents made people believe that it is the sole reason why Gun Control should be implemented. What people fail to realize is that other factors need to be considered. The crimes already existed even before bills are passed into law. So even if the gun control is strictly implemented, people who want to commit gun-related crimes will still find ways to acquire such a weapon.

There are a lot of ways to control the gun-related incidents. If the government is willing to spend millions of dollars to conduct experiments to achieve resolutions to specific problems, they could also get the same approach to gun problems. Just like doing related researches about preventing car injuries by inventing airbags, seat belts and improvement of vehicle materials, making people secure or less injured when accidents will occur.

While it is true that control of possession of guns may help, it is still not the solution to the problem. People need these guns so they can make use of it for self-defense, or recreational activities. Legal acquisition of firearms is necessary to some. This could somehow secure them. Also, the restriction of acquiring one would only limit people to understand guns and stops them from learning more about gun-related violence and their possible causes.

Citizens have the right to express their opinion on the topic at hand. After all, crimes are everybody’s problem. People of the state has the inherent power to make suggestions and contribute to their opinions to gun-related issues. However, depending on the type of government, one may not be able to interact directly and voice out their views. This is why, some countries have congress to discuss and deliberate proposals and bills, looking into possibilities affecting the constituents. Both negative and positive sides shall be taken into consideration. And at the end of the day, what has been agreed upon and approved by the higher office will be the thing to follow.


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