Nominated for their second Critics’ Choice Award, the Netflix real estate series “Selling Sunset” is on fire. The man behind the scenes and in front of the camera shows us how he manages all that swagger.


Ever the risk-taker, by the end of 2013, Jason decided to open his own real estate brokerage, The Oppenheim Group. He knew he had to find a niche market and focus his energy, and so the Hollywood Hills became his territory. “If you want to be the best you have to know your market, and you can’t do that if you are expanding all over the place.” He has dominated it from day one.

Jason’s rise to the top has been swift and steady, attributing his success in real estate to his critical thinking and negotiation skills, as well as his complete dedication to his clients and deals. He will always answer the phone - no matter what, no matter why, and no matter when. There is no deal too great, nor too challenging, that he will not put all of his focus into.

“I know how I got successful, I’m probably the only agent at my level that still only uses a personal cell phone and no office line. I answer all my calls personally without an assistant” said Jason. “My clients are loyal because I keep it personal and am very direct with them. I am an agent first, but also a confidant and advisor.”.

“When he isn’t closing multi-million-dollar deals or enjoying the success of “Selling Sunset,” Jason is dedicated to giving back. For quite some years now, he and his team have worked with Food on Foot, (a nonprofit dedicated to assisting the homeless and low-income neighbors in Los Angeles) actively providing aid and time to those in need within the community. “Before I was successful in real estate, I had more of my time to give to Food on Foot. Now that I have less time in my schedule, I am able to monetarily donate more generously, but I still encourage everyone on my team to be active members and give back to our community.”

When asked what his personal mantra is, Jason gives the following insight:

“Believe in yourself and invest in yourself. I am always growing and not afraid to invest into that growth.”

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