Is Taking MB2-715 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Worth it?

For those looking for ways to magnify their careers in customer service, then most of you might be recommended to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service certification. Covering the general features of customer service such as case management, service level agreement, and knowledge base, this Microsoft credential also delves deeper into more comprehensive topics including Unified Service Desk, Field Service, and customer’s voice. But is this certification worth your time, effort and money? You’ll have the answer at the end of this article.

How important are ERP and CRM in a business?

The virtual competition is persistently progressing, and one could only keep up with its advancement by embracing the abundant updates and trends. For business owners, using the right system, hiring the right people, and satisfying your customers are some of the most crucial points to take into account. Consequently, utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into your business is a must.

Having an ERP system is used to integrate different department functions into one single system so that that organization can simplify processes as well as share internal and external data easily. Simply said, ERP software is a shared database providing multiple functions to aid business units in an organization. Aside from ERP, companies also maximize their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to make sure that they attract and retain customers. Consequently, a business’ success or failure mainly depends on customers’ satisfaction; hence, CRM is also a central component in every organization. For more information about CRM, follow the link:

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

With Dynamics 365, you get both features of ERP and CRP. As a compact business management solution, you can connect people and products easily and effectively, as well as use business processes into something more convenient. This Microsoft cloud-based system is designed to provide organizations maximum extensibility and flexibility of existing applications. Not only that, the system now includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is used to predict inclinations to create solutions, integrate other technologies to comply with the modern IT environment, and build new applications to create a more secure and scalable platform.

Because of the imperative reputation of ERP and CRP in businesses, which is made into life by Dynamics 365, hiring individuals who are expert on such is certainly a great step to keep your organization on top of the game.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?


One fascinating sub-classification of Dynamics 365 is its Customer Service, which provides tools that allow businesses to engage with customers effortlessly on any device, convey efficient and personalized service, and improve service while reducing cost. With this, an organization can effectively create a name that delivers a more successful customer rate. And if you are an individual who wants something notable to happen in your career this year, then obtaining the Dynamics for Customer Service certification through MB2-715 exam is a well-recommended choice. To get more details about this certification exam, click here:

What and how to take MB2-715 exam?

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service targets audiences such as customer service managers, business analysts, sales operation manager, executives, office managers, administrators, and consultants. These professionals must have knowledge and experience in Dynamics 365 Business process and Microsoft Office.

Now that you are about to go on board on a journey that will polish your career path, it is best to start with what the exam is all about. Published on February 21, 2017, MB2-715 revolves around the following topics like interactive service hub, service level agreements, unified service desk, customer survey’s voice, dynamics field Service, and other related customer service concepts.

Priced at $165.00, there are 90 questions with options in English or Japanese. You are given two options: online exam or direct exam at an official exam center. There are advantages and disadvantages to the two, so you just choose what is best for you. And when answering the questions, especially multiple choice questions, it is advisable to rule out two to leave two remaining possible answers. Then, choose the correct answer or your best guess. So, it’s time to prepare for the exam Visit Website Here..

What are the best MB2-715 study references?

Without a surprise, none of the Microsoft certification exams are easy. Each test has its own ways to squeeze your brain cells, so as MB2-715. Significant preparation is the key to pass this exam. Even those experienced professionals need to allocate time to study and harness their skills. The question is how much time will you need to fully prepare for the exam? Well, the answer depends on the number of topics that are relatively new to you. If you already have a slight background with the exam concepts, then you need to take this to your advantage.

To begin with, Microsoft offers a self-paced online training through their Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal or DLP to provide exam takers a course that they can use to develop their knowledge. Through different customization tools, candidates can have an all-inclusive comprehension about Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. There are also in-class training options provided by third-party providers that will surely harness your skills to the fullest. This kind of study resources is more interactive and fun with practice tests at the end of each topic. So, if you want to take a break from slightly lackluster studying, you’ll not be disappointed with these courses. Well, you just have to invest some money though.

Another suitable exam preparation tool is the use of braindumps. Accessing brain dumps through different online platforms is highly suggested if you have already fully understood all concepts. Braindumps consist of real exam questions and answers to polish your expertise in no time. Find the most updated and valid MB2-715 practice test for your exam preparation. Among the top-ranked websites are: ExamSnap, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs. To read about more prepositional tips for Microsoft certification exam, read here:


Now, let’s go back to the main question ― is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service worth it? Definitely yes! With a wealth of interesting developments in the future, settling for mediocrity is your last option. You need to go out of your shell and expand your expertise. And with this certification exam, you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate your willingness to learn and stick out from the pack.

Always look forward to ways that can help evolve your career into something that will not just be valuable to your profile but also to third-party organizations. Therefore, pass the exam, get hired, and advance your skillset with the help of MB2-715 exam.


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