An Exclusive Interview With Talented ‘’Amel Elezovic’’ (Norwegian YouTuber & Entrepreneur)

Amel Elezovic is a young Gen Z Entrepreneur, Youtuber, and Artist from Norway, who has gained a good amount of Supporters across his Social Media Platforms. Amel has been able to grow a very large following base across multiple platforms at once, in just under one year.

Our audience is keen about reading stories of influencers & travellers creating a difference in the world. Your profile speaks volumes of the outstanding work you have done. Enlighten us about what you do.

1.) What is something people wouldn’t know about you when looking at your Youtube Channel?

Some people don’t know that I have multiple popular channels on YouTube and that I have been awarded twice on youtube. I have managed to grow an audience base of over 250,000 followers with only a pc, which has opened my eyes to keep doing more challenges.

2.) Being a YouTuber/Influencer must take a toll on you sometimes. What do you do to stay focused with mental health?

I try to stay positive all the time even when the times are really difficult. Mental health can be a struggle sometimes, but if it’s really bad then I suggest you to get some help from someone you can trust. For instance, there are multiple chat services online who offer to talk anonymously.

3.) How experienced are you in social media?

I have been on Instagram since it had the old profile picture from 2010 so I would say I’m quite experienced. Obviously there were many changes made, not only for the logo, but also when Facebook took over Instagram in 2012 a few things got easier as well.

Amel Elezovic is a Gen Z’er and explains how his generation were born with the latest technology. He also explains how self education is the most powerful tool you can have. Amel learned his successful knowledge on the internet and not the school, which led to him dropping out.

4.) Do you make new friends/relations through Social media platforms? (Instagram or Youtube)

Yes. it’s easier getting new friends on social media nowadays. Whether you are doing youtube, Instagram or any other platform it’s easier interacting with one another now than ever before, because everyone is connected and most of the world is in lockdown and Netflix even turned down their video quality just so the internet wouldn’t collapse, just because of the trending virus in 2020.

Amel has been able to build a team online without meting any of the team members face-to-face, thus, the trust factor has just grown the more challenges they had and websites they built, the more trust it built inside the team as well.

5.) What is a ritual you have when you need to get down to business?

One thing that really helps me is affirmations. Every once in awhile I travel one random place in the world where I spend time practicing affirmations. I also spend a lot of time at the gym. These two activities really keep me centered and focused.

I wish people had told me more about the journey of what it was like to be an entrepreneur/ founder. I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, but it would have been awesome if someone told me more of what that journey would be like. But that’s just who I am as a person. When I get into something, I really get into it. No matter what someone had told me, I would have continued on.

6.) Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring or upcoming YouTubers/Influencers/Entrepreneurs?

As I always say which has been proved to work, and that is to never give up and always stay consistent and keep going no matter what comes in your way. I want young people to stay healthy and when others are partying or busy doing other stuff, you should be focusing on your success to stay ahead of everyone else. In the YouTube world, if you want to become a YouTuber it’s not really that hard, but it takes time to build your audience and improving as a content creator. For Instagram it’s mainly the same but consistency and patience are some of the main key factors for building your success, no matter what you are doing.

As Amel’s meteoric rise to success attests (as directly evidenced by his prolific Instagram growth as of late to over 36,000 followers), Gen-Zers who can engineer business solutions to enable the current generation to find contemporary solutions on the macro scale are widely becoming the new thought leaders of our era. Amel said: “I think maturity hit me at a very early stage. Things just happened with the flow. I took a lot of responsibilities on me at a very early age, and that’s the sole reason behind my success.”



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