Aaron Bare is an Entrepreneur & Exponential Leader.

A strategic innovation facilitator.

A Self-Made Man.
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A Sea
of Change

Imagine venturing out to sea for months on end, thrust into new cultures and communities at every port. That’s the literal boat Bare found himself in during college when he participated in the Semester at Sea program. It was his maiden voyage away from the United States and an eye-opening experience.

“The biggest thing I learned from my semester at sea was that there was no way I could live an ordinary life or settle for less,” he said. “I just wanted to learn more. I was exhausted, but I never let off the gas.”

The moment that this journey started, Bare decided that he’d continue stepping farther out of his comfort zone because he knew that’s where he thrived. He even coined the term “thrivability” which refers to the exponential mindset that enables someone to personally, professionally, and organizationally thrive in the long-game of life.

It’s clear that he’s thriving, and has been since he graduated with a master’s degree and landed a job with Accenture. He’s built and sold a dozen companies, investing his earnings from each into his next venture.

He’s since traveled to nearly 100 countries, pushing himself as far out of his comfort zone as possible. Whether he’s sitting in a European boardroom providing direction to a multi-billion-dollar company or sitting with indigenious peoples in Africa’s wilderness, he’s learned that no matter where in the world humans are, we all share seven universal truths.

Seven Universal Truths

Bare seems the type that can captivate a room, not in a star-struck sense, but in a way that makes others gravitate towards him. His true power, though, is not bringing others into his orbit, but rather, propelling them into an infinite space of possibilities where they can build their own universes.

In his book, Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking BIG, Bare discusses Seven Universal Truths:

1. To think is to create.
2. We are our habits.
3. Attitude is everything.
4. What we resist persists.
5. The goal is not the end.
6. Enjoy the moment.
7. We are all one.

With these Seven Universal Truths in mind, and a conscious decision to continually live in the moment, Bare seeks to inspire change in everyone he meets. It doesn’t matter where or when he crosses someone’s path; he’s molded young minds at Singularity University and Thunderbird School of Global Management. He also advises corporate leaders at Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and countless other companies.

“My goal is to help everyone around me think bigger about themselves, their careers, and their business,” Bare said. “To help people find a mindset anchored in thrivability. I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can push leaders to redefine their future.”

Aaron Bare is a change agent and he wants to change those around him – including you. Read more about his quest to help people gain an exponential mindset, belief system, and attitude in his book Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking BIG which details how he’s facilitated impactful change in over 500 companies around the world.

Exponential Advice for Entrepreneurs

Aside from your book, Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking BIG, what other book do you suggest entrepreneurs put on their reading list?

I would suggest Collective Illusions by Todd Rose, Against Empathy by Paul Bloom, and The Art of the Impossible by Steven Kotler. All are books that help you think in a different way, challenge the status quo, and grow your mindset. Collective Illusions addresses the difference between personal and public views that I often use when facilitating groups. Against Empathy challenges the inherent biases in empathy and how it focuses on making poor decisions for a few rather than the whole. The Art of the Impossible dives into how individuals and groups can use flow to do the impossible, which is a thesis I mentioned in my book Exponential Theory. As a voracious reader, I could list hundreds of books that have impacted me, yet these stand out and continue to push me to be a better person and facilitator, challenging the world to embrace the change.

How do you approach new partnerships when you’re working with a client who may be hesitant to think bigger or adopt changes that you suggest?

I believe that a lack of friction and the presence of transparency is what makes the best friendships and business relationships. When collaborating with companies or client for the first time, I focus on achieving our goals together. I sell transparently and I believe self-interest should be shared on both sides. Ultimately, we’re here to grow the pie together. You can give me a small slice, just let me grow the pie so big that my small slice is worth something. That collaborative mindset puts all parties on the same side of the table working together for a common goal.

What action can someone take right now to think big and achieve a measurable result?

I tell everyone to write down everything on their mind. And I mean everything; be exhaustive. The first time I did this exercise, I wrote down 338 things. It included things like ‘I want to go to Australia’ and ‘I have to buy a toothbrush’. Now that everything’s on paper, you can go back and identify what’s important or what isn’t a priority. I then move items to a list of not doing. I do this every Sunday night and my list is down to 40 things I am not doing. I then schedule everything that is important, aligned with my purpose, and help me to think bigger.

I’ve minimized all of my distractions, provided absolute clarity on what I want or need to do, and created a plan on how to get them done.

I realized that I had the freedom to get all of this noise out of my head, and then get more accomplished, which is where the exponential thinking of thinking big takes place. I know with my ambitious goals that I am never going to get it all done, yet this allows me to get the most important things done.

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