Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have revolutionized the film industry as we’ve known it, where a clear before and after exists for both culture and business. How consumers take in content has altered how the rest of the industry develops and markets films and television for viewing pleasure.
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Independent Film

Liquid Media Group’s Big Splash event was the glowing centerpiece of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, facilitating dynamic discussions among notable names in the filmmaking industry.

Jackson explained how TIFF, a representation of the Canadian film industry for the rest of the world, was the perfect place to introduce Liquid Media Group: “It’s a place where actors, writers, directors, producers, fans, all come together to support and celebrate the artistry of storytelling. They do it not only for the Canadian audience, but also for the entire global audience; and that’s exactly the space that Liquid Media wants to be in. We’re a Canadian company born and bred, but we recognize that storytelling isn’t regional, so we want to be a player on the global stage.”

What’s next for Liquid Media Group is the exciting part. It involves “actually moving into the marketplace and empowering storytellers, whether it be from the inception of their idea, through the production of their idea, financing for their idea, and ultimately taking it out and distributing it into the world,” Jackson said. “We’ve been building, building, building, and now we get to go out into the world and do it.”

Joshua Jackson and Liquid Media Group are the architects of a new future in the film industry -- one that celebrates the creations of independent filmmakers and allows them to reap the financial rewards of their work. “We’re empowering them with the opportunity to have some control over their destiny,” Jackson said. As streaming services rewrite the definition of cinema, Jackson is hopeful that independent producers are included in the revision.


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