Real Estate is a hot market right now and Nahal Soltani is making herself known in the business in more ways than one.

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Soltani wants to inspire her followers with her unique sense of style and dedication to hard work. Nahal shows her fans that you can have it all with close friends and family by your side, you just need dedication and confidence. She lets SWAGGER know that she is single and living her best life, but gets straight to the point and lets us know exactly what she's looking for in her future partners.

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

"Sexiness and Honesty."

Soltani knows how important style is when it comes to selling homes, which shows in her own personal style that can be seen on her instagram. When SWAGGER asked about her staggering 1.5M followers (and counting), Soltani insists it's all because she became naturally enthusiastic about posting for her followers and it is now a part of her daily routine.

You’ve got over 1.5M Followers on Instagram. Do you remember when you had just 1 follower? How did you get from here to there? What were some of the daily secrets that helped you grow such a following?

I started for fun by posting normal day to day activities and fun things I was doing. It slowly got more attention and I gained more followers, which made me more enthusiastic about posting more. I was posting once or twice a month and then I gradually started posting daily!

Due to her ability to influence other people, Soltani realizes she has to be more cognizant of what she decides to post online and what she decides to keep private. After admitting that she reads her comments sometimes, she had some good advice for women who find social media a tough place to be sometimes; “Don’t sweat what other people think about you. All that matters in the end is doing what makes you happy!”

When asked about her hobbies, Soltani shares that she loves everything to do with fashion and beauty (which is probably why she sells so many beautiful homes!). The young realtor also loves exercising to keep herself healthy and hanging out with her friends in her spare time. Despite admitting she has a guilty pleasure, Soltani limits herself to keep her composure after a long week by going out and having a few drinks with some close friends.

When asked what makes her feel sexiest she has the most beautiful thing to say; “When I feel beautiful inside and out.”

In addition to working in real estate and selling some of the most beautiful homes in the GTA, Soltani has caught the travel bug. She's even been to one of the most beautiful places on earth; the Maldives. Her love of travel has inspired her to add a few of the world's most beautiful places on her bucket list.

Where haven’t you been that you would like to go?

“I would love to visit some of the small islands in the Mediterranean sea!”

Nahal Soltani seems to be living the dream. She's a successful realtor and social media influencer, all while staying humble with her family and friends surrounding her. Soltani hopes her presence on social media will influence girls to be who they really are and dress how they want. She believes that fashion is a statement and being creative is a way of life. With what looks like a very promising career ahead of her, Soltani would like to inspire and if you need a home you know who to call!

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