If the name Richard Harmon is one you are not yet familiar with, then saddle up; he’s one to watch. The actor has lent his talents to iconic movies such as the cult classic horror Trick ‘r Treat, Netflix mega hit series The 100, and AMC’s The Killing and Continuum to name a few.

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You have been a part of so many incredible projects such as The Killing, Continuum and The 100. How have those experiences changed your life and helped shape your craft as an actor?

Richard: Wow, that's a good question. I'll speak to each one of those individually. The Killing was an incredible experience for me and I'd never done something of that level before, that's for sure. It opened more doors for me and I had the opportunity to work with amazing actors such as Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman.

Even the great young actors they had on that show really helped me understand what it took to be better and sent me on a path to work harder than I used to.

This then opened the door to me booking Continuum which gave me the opportunity as an actor to really test myself and take risks. It completely changed me in the sense that I think I became a much better actor after and told an incredible story. Now The 100 was the biggest life changing experience I've ever had in my life. Honestly, my life doesn't even resemble itself from before The 100. It honestly changed my life forever and I couldn't be more grateful and what an incredible character to play. He [John Murphy, The 100] might be my favorite character of all time.

You are a horror movie fan. You played a role in the cult classic film Trick ‘r Treat. What was it like to have been a part of an iconic horror film and can we expect to see more from you in this genre in the future?

Richard: Being a part of Trick ‘r Treat was more monumental for me than probably a lot of people realize. I was gonna quit acting when I was 15 and then I was like, well let’s do one last audition, and then I booked a different job and I was like, okay, let’s do one more, then I booked that job and things just started working out. But I was still dead set thinking I'm not gonna make a career out of this. I don't think that I have what it takes really.

Eventually I booked Trick ‘r Treat and that was the first movie that I really felt like part of the family on that set and Mike Doherty did such a great job with that movie. It is completely immersive.

I think we used like 12,000 bags of dead leaves and 15,000 pumpkins or something in that movie. By the end of filming I thought, there's absolutely no way I could quit this as it means the world to me. So Trick ‘r Treat was a seminal moment for me in my life. It's been a little while since I've done a horror film and I'd love to do another one.

What’s next for you? Are there any projects on the horizon that we should know about?

Richard: Absolutely, there's a big project coming out soon that I'm very proud and excited to be a part of. It's a TV show for Netflix and CBC Gem called Fakes and it comes out September 2nd. The show is about two young high school girls that get into making fake identification to make money before college, and they accidentally end up creating one of the top five largest fake identification syndicates in all of North America. The show is partly based on a true story and my character is a drug dealer that gets roped into helping expand the business and gets them involved in stuff that is a little bit over their head. It's a dark comedy that’s a ton of fun, has talented young actors and I’m very excited for people to see it.

What are your goals and dreams for your personal life and career?

Richard: I would love to break an 80 in golf. I'm a big golfer, but I'm evidently not a very good one. For acting, it remains the same that it's always been. I would like to work constantly until the day I die as that would make me wildly happy and content.

Watch Richard Harmon in GenZeroes and join the community or catch him in the upcoming Netflix and CBC Gem show Fakes on September 2nd!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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