If you spend any time on video platforms like YouTube or the since shuttered Vine, chances are you’ve stumbled across Toddy Smith.
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  • Shirt: Long Live

    Vest: Drôle De Monsieur

    Pants: Drôle De Monsieur

    Loafers: Dr. Martens

  • Suit: ASOS

    Shoes: Dr. Martens

  • Knit Shirt: SER.O.YA

    Undershirt: SKIMS

    Pants: KidSuper

  • Cardigan, Hat and Pants: Duvin

    Shoes: Dr. Martens

  • Shirt: Clutch Golf

    Pants: Tanner Fletcher

    Shoes: Dr. Martens

  • Sweater and Shorts: SER.O.YA

From Vlogs
To Ventures:
Toddy Smith

Can you share a bit about your journey, from how you started to where you are now?

My journey really began making Vine videos with my friend Scott, which led me to connect with other Viners like Zane Hijazi, Heath Hussar, David Dobrik, and Jason Nash. We all started making Vines together and moved to LA where we could barely afford rent but were fueled by our passion. Initially, it was all about having fun, and then David started vlogging and posting videos on YouTube.

As things started to click, we transitioned into vlogging, which opened up new avenues for us, and I guess I haven't looked back since. Now, I'm exploring different creative paths like music, film, and streaming.

You recently released new music. Can you share insights into your new song and how it reflects your personal and artistic growth?

I recently released a song called "It Started as a Joke," which I wrote back in 2020 after the release of "Natalina," about my ex. I feel like the song really captures the way I make music, blending 80s synth pop with a chanty chorus. From releasing “Natalina” to “It Started as a Joke," I’ve grown a lot personally and artistically.

You’re not only an entertainer, but an entrepreneur. Can you tell us a bit about your clothing company GothicMochas, and Happy Face?

I started GothicMochas with my business partner Peter, inspired by our upbringing in Huntington Beach's pop-punk scene and our mutual love for coffee, punk/emo music, and all-black attire. What began as a quirky name evolved into a serious venture now available on Revolve Clothing and our website. A goal of mine is to expand GothicMochas beyond clothing into a production company, integrating short films under the brand to showcase our creativity in new ways.

It's not just about clothes; it's about culture, community, and art.

My other venture, Happy Face, which is centred around holistic wellness, was founded with my friends Scott, Jay, and Joe. It’s a CBD business that offers top-notch products like our popular roll-on for targeted relief, which works wonders on sore muscles. It just does amazing work on the neck, back, or anything sore in the body. We're also expanding into THCA, a cannabinoid similar to THC but with unique properties, and we’ll be able to distribute domestically and internationally, which is really cool.

As you explore different creative avenues, like acting and writing, have you encountered any obstacles?

When it comes to acting, sometimes you feel like you’re not being taken seriously as an internet personality or content creator. That's why I've been taking acting classes to refine my skills. Despite any hurdles, I'm committed to nurturing my creativity, continuing to produce original content, and writing new film concepts.

Tell us something about yourself that your fans would not know about.

I think I am maturing little by little. I go to therapy now, and my therapist is amazing; he's super into science, metaphysics, manifesting, and really believing in yourself. Seeing a therapist has really helped me better myself. I’ve learned how to visualize my goals by writing everything down and journaling. It’s actually added a lot of structure to my life. I also attend acting class twice a week, and train in Jiu Jitsu almost every morning, which has also added a nice rhythm to my life.

It's just giving me a different type of structure, which is really nice, and it's actually made me a lot happier.

On that note, what advice would you give to your younger self?

You know, it’s cliche, but it would definitely be to believe in yourself more. Don’t have a foot halfway out the door. Be direct with your goals, have a vision, and keep moving forward with whatever it is that you want in this life.


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