Tomer Capone recalls his introduction to acting as “a beautiful mistake”.
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Tomer Capone
Teases Season 4
of The Boys
“It’s going to
get bloody”

You play Frenchie in Amazon Prime’s The Boys and are currently filming Season 4 in Toronto. What were your initial thoughts when you first read the script and how did you get into character?

Tomer: We can’t believe this is the fourth season that we’re doing already. Everything has gone by so quickly, and Season 3 was so over the top on such a big scale, but with so much depth to the characters. I always think, how the hell are they gonna top this? How are they going to make it better? Then funny enough, they always do.

We have the most amazing writers on the planet right now, with the dirtiest, most intelligent minds which is a lethal combination but it's exactly what The Boys needs. Usually what happens when I get the script is, I read it and then I get to a certain part and think, “Wait, did I just make that up? Did I really read that”? And then you have to go back again to see, “Oh wow, this is what we're gonna do this season.” As an actor it’s a real gift to go back and visit a character season after season and to develop and live with that character. Filming Season 4 has been great so far and it’s going to be another epic one.

What’s something about Frenchie that your biggest fans might not know?

Tomer: There’s something coming in the next season that fans don’t know. It’s big, sensitive, interesting and maybe even romantic. That’s all I can say.

You are a very successful actor back in your homeland of Israel. I want to know how everything has changed for you on a North American scale thanks to being on The Boys.

Tomer: I won't lie, it's a life changing experience. You know, you start a career in your hometown and can only dream of working with the best of the best. For me I look at it like sports, wanting to play for the best team in the world. The best crew, cinematographers, producers, writers, directors, grips, lighting, everything is top scale in The Boys and it definitely feels like I am playing for the strongest team. One of the strongest teams out there. So it's an honour and a privilege and has been a very humbling experience.

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with my castmates who are actors of the highest calibre and who I learn from and have fun with everyday. It's the biggest gift I could ever ask for myself as an actor. The Boys is the perfect playground.

You are an Ophir Award winning actor. Why did you decide to start acting and how did you get to where you are today?

Tomer: A beautiful mistake is the romantic way of putting it. I didn't dream of it as a kid, nor did I think it was something that could be achieved. I’ve worked so many different jobs and I sucked at each and every one of those jobs. It was just a beautiful accident. A friend heard me play guitar and said there's a course in acting that he takes which helps him with his shyness and self expression. So I thought, why not? I'll take a train once a week, and then everything happened so fast when I decided to get on that train. That same year I started working in the Israeli industry, left drama school, and through working and learning the craft I fell in love with it as I went along. It just became a part of my life and that train thankfully never stopped. The more work I do, the more I'm fascinated with the magic of movie or TV making. Being on The Boys and seeing the big scale sets and big scale production is a whole new top of the art university for me. I'm still constantly learning, I'm still curious and that's what keeps me going.

You were handpicked by Natalie Portman for her directorial debut in A Tale of Love and Darkness. How did that feel and what was the experience like on set?

Tomer: For a second it's amazing for your ego (laughs). No, but that whole process was super fast and I heard she wanted to see me when I was in Tel Aviv. I was on my bike and heard the movie was going to be based on a book by a very famous Israeli author. So I went to buy the book and read it on a bench underneath the apartment building where we were supposed to meet her. It was incredible to watch her on set and learn from her. She really understands cameras and knows how the light is going to hit her for a specific dramatic scene, or how she stands or her posture for a violent scene — she just understands. She understands and knows how it works.

Acting is a craft and it was amazing working with her for a second; it was only for a second.

What would you like to see from Frenchie in the upcoming season of The Boys?

Tomer: I think the writers went even further from my expectations for what Frenchie is going through. We have the most amazing people, such as our show writer Eric Kripke, and we are always talking about our characters. You never know what is going to happen or what ideas will make it in the show. I mean, I'm smiling now under my moustache just thinking about the scene that I'm going to shoot tomorrow. Seriously, you can't even imagine the places that Season 4 is going. It’s another hell of a ride for The Boys — it's very dynamic, very changing and very bloody.

Have you had a favourite moment on set? Or a moment where you're kind of like, what the hell?

Tomer: I remember reading the script for Season 2 about the whale and thought, “What?” Then I thought, “How?” I assumed, alright, there are going to be a lot of green screens, probably blue screens. Then you drive to work, park your car and you think there’s a cloud that is shading your car, and you look up and see a 250 kilogram animatronic whale being put down on the beach in Toronto by two cranes. And you're like, okay, they never stop surprising us. Season 3 was full of on set surprises, and this time around for Season 4 we have a lot of WTF moments, definitely. Every time "The Boys" get together on set, it's the funniest, friendliest time ever. We play gammon, pull pranks, and just enjoy ourselves while also working our asses off. From dusk till dawn this show takes a lot of us and a lot from us. We're shooting long hours every day all day.

But again, the friendship and the passion that we share for this project as well as the love we’re getting from the audience — it's worth everything.

Are there any upcoming projects that you have that we should know about?

Tomer: I have a few projects and I'm constantly working on things. I've been blessed to do a movie before we started the new season of The Boys; a sci-fi thriller in which I acted alongside Laurence Fishburne. Here I am, you know the kid from Israel thinking I'm really doing this — I'm here and it was a really beautiful experience. And he's [Fishburne] just the most amazing actor and human being. I'm always developing something but you know, we’ll be shooting Season 4 of The Boys for about eight or nine months and I’m so happy to be here.

Season 1-3 of The Boys is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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