Lewis Parsons once enjoyed a glass of wine with Billy Joel and Elton John, while the three happened to be at the swanky Mansion at Turtle Creek, in Dallas. He befriended their stage crew, subsequently hung out with them, and attended a string of the famed Face-to-Face concerts.
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The list continues: when he shared office space with (Shark Tank’s) Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, at Audionet, an Internet radio company, later sold for $5.7B. “Watching them do what they were doing was like putting gas on the fire. I just wanted more of that type of technology,” Parsons commented.

All of these A-list interactions, he added, “were highlights of my career.”

But it is Lewis Parsons that may soon become a household name — or at least his latest technology will, when Viewplicity hits the market, a platform that’s about to shake up how businesses do business. It’s been a long, winding road to bring it to the public, but Parson’s no stranger to the hustle and dedication it takes to succeed. In fact, even before his latest venture, Parsons epitomized the Swagger man.

While conducting this interview, Parsons was sitting in his 10,000-square foot home, on a 500-acre ranch just outside of Dallas. It has an indoor heated swimming pool. The property has rolling hills, some flat lands, and animal visitors from time to time, including deer, wild hogs and other creatures. There are five lakes for fishing, and he notes there’s, “really good bird hunting.”

“I like clay pigeons, to shoot clays,” he added. “If I’m having a bad day, or maybe just need to take a break – sometimes on lunch break – my friend, who is also chief operating officer, we’ll step out and shoot clay pigeons. Mentally, it just refreshes you.”

Indeed he’s had a longtime appreciation for the wonders of nature, going back to the time after high school when he became a Master Taxidermist. He found a niche, and much success – and eventually mounted scores of exotic trophies for various celebrities, including entertainer Ted Nugent, and some Dallas Cowboys, as well as the public. Much of his early work ethic he attributes to a long line of family role models.

“My mother, father, and grandparents on both sides were really the fundamental roots behind our family successes. Our legacy is our grandparents. They worked really hard during the depression, and they knew what it’s like to have back breaking jobs. They were farmers, sharecroppers, and the backbone of America,” he said.

“They literally fed the world. They grew other people’s food. My parents were a product of those grandparents. They really instilled in us to work hard, and you’ll have something one day. So, that is what we did.”

After taxidermy, his next career move was alongside relatives who owned an elevator company, where he learned how to do diagramming, electrical layout and boards, and all the buttons and switches it takes to make high-rise elevators work.

“The elevator business was very instrumental in pushing me forward because, in a lot of ways, doing the diagramming for an elevator is the same way that you map out software, and learn how to get from one point to another through the web,” he said. It was only appropriate that he went from outfitting high-rise elevators for people to move upwards, to producing tech that would propel those very businesses in high-rise offices.

Viewplicity wouldn’t be the first time Parsons has ventured into the tech space, however. Over two decades ago, he married his love for the outdoors with the online space, in a website called American Sportsman. Things have come full circle today, returning to the innovation sector, as he is ready to launch a video conferencing and all-in-one office platform that he is certain will revolutionize the way business people interact, while it promises to make office transactions a whole lot more efficient.

But what, precisely, is Viewplicity?

It is a cutting edge tech whose time has come – one where entrepreneurs and start ups can disseminate their content in a singular platform.

“I felt like I knew what everybody was asking for – what the big ask was – but it didn’t exist. So, I had to build it,” he said. “It’s going to give the world everything they want, that allows people to conduct and conclude business, without having to bounce around a lot of other portals. You can do everything at one location.” “I felt like I knew what everybody was asking for – what the big ask was – but it didn’t exist. So, I had to build it,” he said. “It’s going to give the world everything they want, that allows people to conduct and conclude business, without having to bounce around a lot of other portals. You can do everything at one location.”

He boasts that Viewplicity combines the power of Go to Meeting, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, DocuSign, “and everything under one umbrella.” The video capability is second to none, offering sharp, fluid, and clear visuals, he maintains, that are never choppy, pixelated or will cut signals.

“It’s the world’s first super-portal to conduct business,”

“It’s the world’s first super-portal to conduct business,” he said. And here’s another kicker: Viewplicity contains high security programming, thereby keeping data safe, and deters hackers – unlike so many “open source” programs out there that have vulnerabilities.

Viewplicity is “like sitting around a digital campfire,” he continued.

The inspiration for his groundbreaking platform came after Parsons was frustrated with an office suites company in Dallas that couldn’t bring together their credit card processing, document sharing and contracts into a seamless transaction. Yet another example where necessity is the mother of invention.

As it has been said, Parsons has one foot in the world of Mother Nature, and one foot in the world of computing, and in the big picture, perceives them with overlapping entrepreneur lessons.

He harkens back to a favorite fishing trip in Jackson, Wyoming, on Snake River. “It’s being there and soaking up God’s beauty from one end of the mountain range, to the other. You take all that in,” he explained.

“It’s about the timing to be successful, and having all the right equipment. It’s the same with all aspects of being a self made man. You have to be well equipped, and well-versed, and practice makes perfect.”


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