First Date Tips For Swagger Gentlemen

Did you know that a 2018 study by Match revealed exactly what women want from first dates? If you want more game, knowing the hard facts about what the ladies are looking for will help you to achieve your goal. Swagger gentlemen need to know what women want from “first date experiences”…and we’re here to share all of the juicy facts.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

To make a first date the best that it can be, go out of your way to make her feel comfortable. 79 percent of female study participants said that feeling comfortable is priority one.

So, how do you make a woman feel comfortable? Well, choosing a public meeting place for the first date is one easy way to boost her comfort level, according to That’s simple enough, right? You could also give her the option of choosing a meeting place.

99.9 percent of the time, a woman will select a public place because she feels safer that way.

While you may personally be dreaming about meeting her someplace where they two of you can get really romantic, because there is no one watching, you should curb the urge to get her alone, because that’s not what she wants from a first date. Even if the two of you have chatted endlessly on some dating app or social media network, you should still meet her in public. Period.

Pay Her Some Sincere Compliments

Compliments are nice, as long as they are sincere. While you probably want to be a big player with the ladies, trust me when I say that women see through a lot of typical male behavior. We know about all these “training courses” and tips that guys share, which are centered on seduction tactics. We are alert to the packaged and insincere charm that comes from following these canned “seduction” rules.

If you throw around insincere compliments, her female intuition will pick up on the fakery right away. So, come up with at least one compliment that is one hundred percent sincere. Use the sincere compliment as an ice-breaker. For example, if you think her outfit is stylish, say so, but pick a specific detail. Don’t be too general. Maybe you like her boots, or her necklace, or the color of her top? Look for something that you genuinely appreciate and then give her a compliment.

Women usually work very hard to look good for first dates. It generally takes longer for women to get ready than it does for guys to prepare. Reward her efforts by letting her know that her appearance pleases you, but don’t compliment her body parts. Stick to her outfit or her hairstyle. Keep it totally non-sleazy, please. 94 percent of ladies appreciate compliments during first dates.

Arrive Early, So She Doesn’t Get There First

In the Internet age, the value of IRL courtly manners shoots ever higher. Women know that most men are not knights in shining armor. They know that men aren’t going to act like the leading men in their favorite romantic comedies. At the same time, they crave romance and, more importantly, consideration.

With consideration in mind, arrive before she does. Make sure you are there 15 minutes before the appointed time. Get a table or whatever. Watch the front door so you can smile at her and wave to her as soon as she comes in. When you see her, stand up. Go to her. Take her coat if she’s wearing one. Just be a gentleman.

Women don’t like it when guys aren’t there waiting, ahead of time. They want men to arrive at first dates before they do.

Stick With A Two-Drink Maximum

This last tip is important. Don’t exceed two drinks. Women surveyed did not appreciate it when men had more than a couple of drinks on first dates. While nerves may push you to drink more, you should hold back.

While all women are different, the survey shows that there are some things that almost all women are looking for from first dates. When you make her feel comfortable, pay sincere compliments, arrive ahead of time and stick with a two-drink minimum, you’ll greatly boost the chances of having a great time, which is ultimately what it’s all about, right?


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