The Top Male Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Own

If you look at the latest top male fashion trends and the ones that came before, you’ll see that men’s fashion is quite booming. Men are getting more creative at expressing themselves.

Trends come and go, however, but do you know what’s eternal? Accessories.

No matter what you choose to wear on whatever day, make sure you complete the look with these classic accessories every man must have in their wardrobe. Find out what you’re missing in your arsenal now and make sure you have it next time.

  1. Watch

Whether you’re a watch guy or not, you must have at least one that completes your look. Even the fanciest suit looks empty without it, and your wardrobe gets an instant lift from it.

A good watch demands respect; it projects class, decency, and focus. If you must buy only one, choose something that you can wear daily in the office yet one that can complement a fancy attire during special events. We urge you to buy a casual watch, as well, though.

It’s a way to upgrade what you’re wearing and make it look well-put-together. Any watch screams top male fashion, after all.

  1. Sunglasses

Tired of the sun getting in your eyes all the time? Get sunglasses, which also have beneficial effects on your look. It’s functional yet stylish.

At the same time, wearing sunglasses help protect against wrinkles and potential eye damage. It can help you hide tired eyes, too, for when you can’t get enough sleep.

Choosing sunglasses doesn’t only depend on your style and outfit, though. You also have to consider your face shape.

For instance, angular frames suit round faces quite well. Top-heavy frames complement triangular faces, while any shape goes well with oval faces.

  1. Tie

This seems to be a no-brainer, but remember that not every job requires a tie to work. Whatever you do, however, make sure you have at least two stored away in case you need it. There’s always at least one occasion in your life that warrants a good-looking tie.

Get at least one black tie and a navy blue one. Having both ensures you have a tie for whatever suit you choose to wear.

Navy blue, in particular, is neutral enough for most attires. Yet, it adds a nice touch of color to what might otherwise be a plain outfit.

  1. Tie Clip

A tie clip is one of the most overlooked items because it’s so small that it’s barely noticeable. If it’s the other way around, it’s noticeable when it’s not there.

It keeps your tie in place, resulting in a neat and uniform appearance. The clip itself also adds a subtle touch to your outfit. It can be plain metal or decorative; you can choose what suits your taste as long as it also suits your outfit.

The best thing about them is that they’re cheap. You don’t even have to buy more than one; don’t lose it, though!

  1. Cufflinks

If you like minimal effort accessories with a maximum contribution to your look – like the tie clip – get cufflinks, too.

In most instances, people won’t be able to see them. But when you shake hands with someone, that’s when you can show your bling.

Cufflinks can show your style and individuality. You have affordable, manufactured styles on one end and beautiful, handcrafted designs on the other end. It’s gentlemanly either way as long as it fits.

  1. Ring

This accessory may be unconventional to you as most adult men only wear one ring in their lifetime, and that’s their wedding band.

However, there’s no stopping you from rocking one if you wish. Like cufflinks and tie clips, rings can make a subtle addition to your whole look. Stay with a simple choice, though, like plain silver or gold rings for men.

  1. Quality Wallet

For men, the bifold wallet is the most basic yet most common recommendation. That’s because it’s simple, making it thin enough for your back pocket.

It should have enough compartments for your cash, cards, and ID. Even with all those, you can still enjoy a less bulky appearance.

That’s all you need, though, because other designs may be too bulky. If you want an even thinner option, consider a money clip, too.

Opt for leather. It’s all about quality, but this material has the added benefit of looking exceptional.

  1. Appropriate Socks

If you’re still using white socks exclusively, it’s time to update your sock drawer. Socks with designs are acceptable now in professional settings.

You can even play with colors but to a certain limit. You might want to stick with plain black colors for high-class events, though. For anything else, especially to parties, show your identity using socks.

If you have a more physically demanding job, choose thicker socks. The good news is that these variants can have various styles, as well so you won’t lose the chance to express yourself.

  1. Leather Belts

Belts are another no-brainer, but are you sure you have the right ones?

Make sure to invest in leather belts, which feature the right combination of elegance, beauty, and durability. They fit any kind of outfit, and they’re appropriate even for special events. Get one in black and brown, and get two pairs of shoes to match, as well.

Aside from holding your pants up, a belt makes you look organized. Have you ever felt like something’s wrong when you’re not wearing a belt? Trust your gut – it’s telling you that you don’t go out a door without one.

Know the Latest Top Male Fashion

Top male fashion doesn’t mean following the latest trends. The classics still rule the men’s fashion scene. It’s about quality and class, although some good trendy pieces now and then can’t hurt.

Keep yourself updated on what’s trendy and what’s not by reading our other blogs.



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