12 Tips to Write a Congratulations Card for a Wedding

Being invited to a wedding is a big deal. The bride and groom are spending thousands on the big day, and you’re one of the people they’ve decided simply has to be there. If you want to make sure that you add your own little spark to proceedings, take a look at how to write the perfect congratulations card yourself or choose one of those websites that write for you with a couple of our tips. Whether you send such a card in response to the invite, give it to them on the day, or both, it’s up to you. Just make sure everything comes from the heart so you can make them smile.


Address the envelope to the happy couple

If you want to address the envelope the right way then you’re going to need to tip your hat to any name changes that are just around the corner. Not everyone does it these days, so make sure you know the couple’s intentions before you seal the envelope. No one will be particularly offended if you get this one wrong, but you want everything to be just perfect for the happy couple. Going the extra mile is something they’ll certainly appreciate.


Use a natural and personable style of writing

When it comes to couples’ introductions it can be difficult knowing what to say. The best approach is always to talk from the heart, and to use a style of writing that puts the reader at ease. Don’t be overly formal and announce who’s writing the card at the very start. Create a loving message that makes the newlyweds smile, then sign off with your names and a few kisses at the bottom. It’ll make everything that little bit more special for them.


Think about whether to include a gift

If you want to show your happiness for the newlyweds, there’s perhaps a no better way to do it than to treat them to a gift. Writing a check may not seem like the most romantic of gestures, but it can make a real difference to their funds at the end of all the fun. Weddings are expensive, and a little bit of extra spending money for the honeymoon is always appreciated.


Draft what you’re going to say on some scrap paper

Ask anyone who writes for a living what they can’t do without and you’ll be told all about drafting. It’s one of the key things you need to know, and it will help you find the loving turn of phrase that the big day warrants. It’s all about being patient and giving it some thought, so don’t worry if you don’t nail it the first time around. As long as you start a few days before the big event you’ll have plenty of ideas before you know it.


Talk about what it means to you and your family

A wedding day is an event the happy couple will never forget, and they want to know that it’s something important to you too. Talk about how excited you and the kids are to see them tie the knot, and how you’ve been waiting to see it ever since you got the invitation in the mail. It’ll make them feel like you’ve really bought into the whole experience, and it’s a great way to show them how much they mean to you.


Share a few personal sentiments that will mean something

No one would pick a standard list of platitudes when they could have a message from the heart, so why not opt for the latter? It’s all about weaving in a few memories or jokes the couple will know could only come from you, and it’s a great way to make your card and its message stand out. Give it a little thought and you’ll be amazed at what you come up with.


Show enthusiasm and plenty of excitement

Weddings are a day to celebrate the love of two happy people, not to moan about having to travel or take time off. Your card is the perfect way to show how excited you all are for the happy couple, and given how busy they are it may be one of the few chances you get to tell them. They’ll be inundated with photos, drinks, and speeches, so treat your card as if it’s your chance to have them all yourself for a couple of minutes.


Thank the happy couple for everything they’ve done in the buildup

If you’re sending the card after the big day, make sure you compliment the food and the venue. If you’re giving it to them on the day itself, go out of your way to say how much you enjoyed the buildup. It’s all about making them feel they’ve put on a show everyone enjoyed, so make sure they are left in doubt about where you stand.


A little humor never goes amiss

Weddings are a time to live, laugh, and love, so think about how you can weave a little thread of humor in there. No one is expecting you to have everyone on the floor in hysterics, something that will make the happy couple have a little giggle to themselves is all that’s needed here. You know them as well as anyone, so once you start thinking of ideas you’ll find they’re in plentiful supply.


Don’t just write to the member of the couple you know

If you know one member of the couple really, really well it can be all too easy to write as if you’re just talking to them. They’re a unit for a lifetime now, so make sure the weight of the message is just right. You’ll make their other half feel included and part of their soulmate’s life, and you’ll be extending the hand of friendship in a way that won’t be easily forgotten.


Make them excited about the lifetime of happiness that lies ahead

They have the honeymoon to come, of course, so talk about how it’s just the start of their adventure for a lifetime. It’s a great way to show your happiness and excitement on their behalf, and they’ll feel like everyone is by their side. If you’ve been married a long time you could even drop in how your own wedding still feels like yesterday. That’s sure to put a smile on their faces when they read your message.


Finish off with a warm ending that comes from the heart

Last but not least, think about how you’re going to sign off. You want something from the heart, so think about what you would say if it was just you and them. If the thing you think of is funny or a bit off the wall, even better. It’ll make them feel loved in a way that a stock pre-printed message never will.


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