A Mechanical Checklist For Your First Car Rental

as well as the fact that the city is relatively prosperous, many businesses come here to set up shop. However, it’s not just businesses that are attracted to Perth – millions of tourists each year like to visit and experience everything the city has to offer. There’s no doubt at it, a few days is not enough time to get to know this city because it’s simply too large to get around without spending at least a week or two here.

In spite of the fact that Perth has an admirable public transport system, many tourists like to rent a car in Perth because it means they can travel around at their own convenience without having to stick to a strict timetable. There’s nothing wrong with relying on public transport in order to traverse the city, some rental companies are quite good, and hiring a car certainly makes travelling easier, especially when time is of the essence.

Mini van hire at www.acerent.com.au is both affordable and reliable, but many tourists might still want to compare the market before they make a decision on which company to choose. However, they should be aware that some rental companies may try to fine drivers for damages they didn’t cause either by mistake or because they’re looking for a little extra cash.

For the reason above, this article will detail a few items that should be on every traveller’s checklist when renting a vehicle.

The Checklist

In most cases, vehicle rental is a great asset to a holiday and those who rent cars don’t run into any problems. However, in rare cases, some drivers may be charged for damages they’re not responsible for. The following points might help tourists prevent that from happening.

  • Take pictures of every part of the vehicle – Drivers should take a picture of every aspect of the vehicle in order to avoid being charged for damages they didn’t cause when the vehicle is returned. This includes the side panels, the front and back, and even the engine.
  • Check the oil before driving away – If a vehicle isn’t filled with enough oil and the driver is unaware, the vehicle could break down and require costly repairs. Drivers need to know that this will not happen by checking the oil before driving away.
  • Check the steering, brakes, and all the lights – In order to stay safe on the road, drivers should make sure that everything is in full working order. This will also ensure that they can’t be blamed for any malfunctioning amenities when the car is returned.

As aforementioned, most people don’t experience any problems when they take advantage of car rental in the great city of Perth. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that’s why all drivers should take note of the advice listed in the points above if they want to be both safe on the road and avoid any unfair fines.


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