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Even in an online and digital age, sometimes the big breakthroughs for your business come just from being at the right place at the right time. It could be bumping into someone in the street, striking up a conversation in an elevator, or just approaching someone you don’t even know. New contacts can happen every hour of each day. With just a little initiative, the right introductions, or when the conversation turns your way, you might have the chance to let someone know about what you can do for them. In such moments, having professional business cards on hand is essential so they don’t have to remember your name, phone number, or email address.

One place you can get business cards from is Basic Invite. They’re a great source for not just business cards, or handyman business cards, but all your business stationery. Use their website to get instant previews of your business cards online before you commit to an actual order. Take advantage of their nearly unlimited colors. Once you pick a design for your card, you can go through and change the colors of every element across the layout using more than 180 various color choices. Lay out your card as you would like it, all the way down to the tiniest details.

You don’t have to just trust what you see on your computer screen though, since you can order a single printed sample of many Basic Invite print products. That well not only let you see how your stationery looks in real life but also a chance to feel the paper quality.

Along with colorful business cards and invitations, Basic Invite also has colorful envelopes you can choose from, with more than 40 distinct colors. These make your invitations stand out in someone’s mail, even before they’re opened. The envelopes are all peel and seal, which means you can close them securely and quickly.

Take advantage of an address capturing service which lets you just share a link on social media, be it Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use it to request the addresses of family and friends to store in your account. You can pick them during your design process, and then select recipient address printing free of charge for all your Christmas card orders.

If you want foil cards, you can find them in silver, gold, and even rose gold. Choose from raised foil or flat foil on every foil design Basic Invite offers.

You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of business cards. If you’re just looking for contractor work, you can get handyman business cards. You might even want personal business cards if you’re in a position of leadership in an organization, whether you’re a volunteer coach of an amateur sports team, a leader in your house of worship, or just the manager of a weekend charity operation.

Get a good deal on professional business cards or some personal business cards right now with Basic Invite. Use coupon code 15FF51 to get 15 percent off of your order.


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