Mikaela Hoover

Where Do you Know Her?  From Everywhere.


Writing for Swagger feels less like a job when the assignment turns into interviewing women like Mikaela Hoover. The busy actress has graced the small screen all over tinsel town, and you may even see her in one of this summer’s blockbuster movies. Things, as they say, are looking up.

The happy combination of beautiful, talented, down-to-Earth, sharp-as-a-tack and fond of pickup trucks happens about as much as you’d expect it to on this earth, and anytime Mikaela wants to do it again, we’re down.

Swagger:  How did you get into the acting game?

Mikaela: I was putting on my own plays and making my parents watch me at age two. They enrolled me in dance soon after and then local commercials and school plays followed.


SW: What the hell are they feeding women in Washington that turns them out so gorgeous?

MH: Well thank you for that compliment 🙂 PETA is going to come after me but honestly my siblings and I grew up eating McDonald’s.Big Macs are still my favorite food in the entire world. Anytime I am having a rough day or need a little pick me up I head to McDonald’s and it seems to make everything better.


SW: What’s your “highlight” career point so far?

MH: I have honestly really enjoyed almost every project I’ve worked on so far. One of my favorite shows I worked on was Happy Endings. I did the pilot and then later my character was able to come back.  There was so much magic with the cast & creators of that show from day one. I also really loved working on How I Met your Mother. The director Pamela Fryman is freaking brilliant and such a legend in the business. I just recently had the opportunity to work with her again on a pilot for CBS and her energy is incredible! She is one of the most powerful women directors in television yet so humble and gracious.  I was also lucky enough to work with one of the creators/writers of Happy Endings, David Caspe, again on this pilot. He is one of the funniest human beings alive so I was one happy girl!

And of course everything I’ve been able to do with writer/director

James Gunn, one of my closest friends and also so insanely talented!



SW: Is there tv show or movie genre on your bucket list to pursue? 

MH: I am obsessed with scary movies. Not the cheap blood & guts torture porn horror flicks that are popular right now, but the true psychological mind-fuck scary movies. It would be an absolute dream to work on one of those. It’s a shame there are so few of them nowadays. If only filmmakers were still able to make masterpieces like “Rosemary’s Baby” or “The Shinning”


SW:  Lamentable for sure, what’s the “Glamour/work” ratio in the acting world?

MH: I have yet to see the glamour side so there isn’t one so far 😉 People always assume that Red Carpets are so glamorous but in reality…


SW: What’s the best city on Earth?

MH: Miami. I have family in South Beach and grew up going there. If I ever move out of LA that’s where I’m headed. I’ve never done or been into the whole “club” scene there, but the beaches and the energy there is so fun! I also think Latina women are the most beautiful women on earth and there are so many of them to stare at, you know?


SW: I do, What’s the best way for a fella to get a gal’s attention, you think?

MH: Humor and confidence. A man can be not so attractive but if he has confidence and is funny he is golden. I am a sucker for funny guys. I used to have the biggest crush on Jimmy Kimmel. I liked chubby Jimmy Kimmel better though. For some reason Skinny Jimmy Kimmel isn’t as appealing.


SW: See, no more McDonalds For JK. Describe your perfect night out?

MH: Staying in with Pizza or McDonalds  & watching scary movies is kinda my heaven. I guess that’s not really a “night out”. It’s just my definition of the perfect night


SW:  What car would you be driving in a perfect world?

MH: My first car was a stick shift pickup truck and I loved it more than anything.

It was so fun to drive in Washington. Sadly in Los Angeles driving stick is a

huge pain in the ass.


SW Any Parting Words for the Men of Swagger?

MH: Don’t ever send a woman a photo of your abs (no matter how nice they are) (ed. Where have I heard that before?)

Also thank you for having me on!


Miss Hoover, you are welcome.



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